DSU's Dr. Ladji Sacko Translates Popular French Story into English


Dr. Ladji  Sacko, DSU associate professor of English and Foreign Languages, has given the English-speaking world of children access to a popular West African story through his written translation of a book from French to English.

Dr. Sacko has translated the French book "La petite potiere" by Nana Aissa Toure, a native of Mali who wrote the book in 2001. Dr. Ladji Sacko, a native of Mali, was given permission by the publisher to translate the story into English under the title "The Little Potter."  

The story is about a little girl in Mali named Alma, the daughter of a potter. She wanted to read and write, but, like many children like her age in that country, her parent didn’t have the money to send her to school. The book tells the story of how Alma used different strategies to earn money to go to school.