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Career Services

Job opportunities are more available to you if you are prepared. Career Services is here to coach you through that process and help you connect with employers.

How Can Career Services & Student Employment Help Students?

The thought of what you will do once you graduate from DSU may be daunting, and Career Services & Student Employment exists to ease you through the transition and help find what fits you best. Starting as early as your freshman year, our student services provide the resources to help you develop a strategic plan for locating internships, student employment, career options or graduate studies.


Internships allow students real-world job experience that is useful before entering the workforce. In addition to experience, internships allow students to grow their network.

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Student Employment

Like many students, you may need to work during your time at DSU. There are various on-campus opportunities that offer real-world experience.

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Should I Pursue a Graduate Degree?

Upon completion of your undergraduate degree, continuing your studies instead of entering the workforce may be your next move.

Is grad school right for me?

What Can I Do?

What skills do you have, and how will they help you in a professional setting? Do these skills align with your intended major? Career Services & Student Employment has provided a few resources to answer these questions.

Career Assessment Tools

Online Resources

Outside of what’s available on Hire-A-Hornet, Career Services & Student Employment has pulled together a list of tools to assist with finding internships and post-graduation employment.

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Resume Resources

During your time at DSU, you will take part in various activities that build your resume. Let Career Services & Student Employment help you craft this resume in a way that is marketable to future employers.

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Delaware State University has opened up an opportunity to teach Spanish and to build an outstanding career. Elias Rivera-Santiago, Class of 2015, Spanish education major
Elias Rivera-Santiago
Connect your passions and dreams with reality.

Resources for Alumni

Career Services & Student Employment extends its services to alumni as well as current students. In doing this, we hope to further build the positive relationship between alumni and DSU.

Graduate School or Job Market?

Deciding what to do after graduation can be difficult. Career Services & Student Employment has the resources to help you choose what’s right for you.

Is grad school right for me?

Career Assessment Tools


Hire-A-Hornet is an online database open to all past and present DSU students. This database allows DSU students and alumni access to jobs across the country, as well as providing many other resources.

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Resume Tips

No matter where you are in your career, you can always use some pointers on how to boost your resume and make it stand out to employers.

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Online Resources

In addition to Hire-A-Hornet, Career Services & Student Employment has grouped together various other online tools to streamline the process of searching for a job Take advantage of our online resources

Bring Career Services into Your Classroom

We encourage our faculty and staff to make Career Services & Student Employment known to their students. Bringing Career Services & Student Employment  into your classroom introduces students to our valuable resources. The presence of Career Services & Student Employment  allows students to reflect on what they can do to ensure they get the most out of their experience at DSU. The below presentations or custom workshops can be delivered to your classrooms by trained career professionals, alumni and/or workforce professionals.

Contact the Office of Career Services & Student Employment to schedule at careerservices [at] or 302.857.6120.

Career Services Overview

Students learn about services and events sponsored by the Office of Career Services & Student Employment .

Labor Market Research & Trends

Job trends, job outlooks, high-demand jobs and strategies to pursue certain careers are discussed.

Selling Your Value

Interviewing is a necessary skill for the job market. Students will learn types of interviews and techniques on how to make a good impression.

Salary Negotiations

Your starting salary can impact subsequent salary offers at other organizations. Learn how to negotiate appropriate salaries and subsequent increases.

Documents that Get You Noticed — Resumes and Cover Letters

The purpose of the resume and cover letter is to secure an interview. Learn how to format a professional and unique resume that will get you in the door.

Personal Branding — The Art of Communication

Excellent communication skills are highly regarded by employers. Learn how to fine-tune your verbal and written communications including how to properly craft a professional email.

You’ve Got the Job/Internship, Now What?

Learn how to become an effective employee and retain your position for years to come, as well as how to get recognized and promoted.

Finding Hidden Opportunities — How to Work A Career Fair

Career fairs can be intimidating and overwhelming. This session helps student appreciate and be effective at these valuable events.

Get Recognized Through Social Media

Explore how Facebook, LinkedIn, online portfolios and other electronic media are highly effective tools for networking and finding job opportunities.