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Honors Students Association

The Honors Students Association comprises all the student members of the Honors Program. The Honors Program Director and Secretary serve as the advisors to the HSA.

The Mission of the HSA

The Honors Students Association (HSA) is dedicated to the cultivation, maturation, and outstanding academic achievement of the DSU honors students whose first priority is individual academic achievement while representing DSU as a whole with honor and integrity. The HSA members provide social and scholastic support to the body and inspiration to all the DSU students to achieve academic excellence.

HSA Activities

The HSA sponsors all social activities planned by the Honors Program. All social events planned by the HSA are done via the auspices of the Honors Program. Honors students who exhibit improper behavior during HSA activities will be forbidden to participate in activities sponsored by the HSA.

The Goals of the HSA

The main objective of the HSA is for its members to be actively engaged in and support the DSU Honors Program. The goals of the HSA are:

  • For each member to earn a minimum of 3.25 GPA for each semester.
  • To motivate, support, and encourage each member in the successful completion of the DSU Honors Curriculum.
  • For each member to earn membership in the National Honor Society of his/her discipline.
  • To provide social and scholastic activities for its members.
  • To function as a unit body of academic leaders who seek to motivate the DSU student body to academic success.

Honors Students Council

The Honors Students Council consists of the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Residential Housing Representative. The role of the Students Council is to represent the honors students by serving as liaisons with the Honors Council. The Honors Council must keep the Students Council fully informed of the program and will elicit their cooperation in evaluation and development. This student group should enjoy as much autonomy as possible conducting the business of the committee in representing the needs and concerns of all honors students to the administration, and it should also be included in governance, serving on the advisory/policy committee as well as constituting the group that governs the student association. Elections for governing positions are to be held in April of each year. Terms are for one year and begin on April 15. Freshmen may not serve in the position of President. In the event that a council member becomes ineligible for the Honors Program and hence cannot serve in a governing position, an election should be held immediately to fill the open position.