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General reference guides

Agency Terms and Conditions Approval Matrix
Code of Federal Regulations
DSU’s Strategic Plan & KPIs
Fly America Act When traveling using federal funds, travelers are required to use an airline that is designated as a U.S. flag carrier for every portion of the route per the Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118).  To determine if the flight complies with Fly America, look at the flight number on the boarding pass or flight coupon and verify that it begins with the abbreviation of the U.S. flag carrier (ex: Delta flight DL# 1234).  There are very few exceptions to the Fly America Act. If you believe you meet one of the exceptions, please complete the Fly America Act Checklist for Federal Funds form (found in the Sponsored Programs’ Forms Library) and turn it into the Office of Sponsored Programs with supporting documentation for approval PRIOR to purchasing the flight.  Some exceptions requiring a waiver include: when a U.S. flag carrier is not available on a particular route; when using a U.S. flag carrier would increase the number of aircraft changes outside the U.S. by 2 or more; extend travel time by 6 hours or more; or require a connecting time of 4 hours or more at an overseas interchange point.
OMB Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200)
  • OMB Uniform Guidance (Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards)
OSP Approvals Post Card OSP Approvals Post Card
Participant Costs Definition
Principal Investigator’s Handbook (PI Handbook)
Questions and Answers ( Q & A) Questions and Answers ( Q & A)
Research Meeting (Slide Presentation)


  • Allegations of Research Misconduct Policy
  • Patent & Intellectual Property Policy
  • Supplemental Compensation Policy

procedures & Processes


Budget Development

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

DSU Data Transfer and Use Request

How to Write and Effective Letter of Support and Cover Letter

Institutional Fact Sheet

Intent to Write Form

Internal Processing Form

Participant Cost Definition

Proposal Checklist

OSP Proposal Submission Process

Supplemental Compensation

University Strategic Plan


Agency Terms and Conditions Approval Matrix

Allegations of Research Misconduct

Budget Management

Change of Status on Grant Awards
Compliance Campaign Post Card


Contracts & Sub-Awards

Data Use Agreement Approval
Data Management Plan (NIH)
Fly America Act Checklist for Federal Funds
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Institutional Review Board (IRB) - Human Subjects

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Patent & Intellectual Property Policy
PI Handbook
Post-Award Meeting
Supplemental Compensation Policy
Types of Award Instrument
Participant and Stipend Payments

The documents below were prepared and provided by the Office of Business and Finance.

Time and Effort (Employee Compensation)

Travel and Business Expense Policy

The documents below were prepared and provided by the Office of Business and Finance.