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Graduation Requirements

Courses and Credits

The minimum number of semester hours required for graduation is one hundred and twenty (120). This number varies with many of the major programs. Candidates must satisfactorily complete the requirements of the major study area in which they are enrolled to be eligible for graduation. Of the minimum total of 120 semester hours, fifty-two (52) hours of General Education courses must be completed by the candidate. General Education Program Requirements are available for viewing on the web site. 

Grades and Grade Point Averages

To qualify for graduation, the following grades and grade point averages must be earned by the candidate:

A minimum overall grade point average of 2.00 (“C”)
A minimum grade of 2.00 (“C”) in each course in a field of specialization
A minimum of 2.00 (“C”) GPA for the last thirty (30) semester hours of work at the University

Students are encouraged to meet with academic advisors or direct questions about graduation to their chairs

If matters need to be elevated, students should speak with the college deans. We are asking that any inquiries about graduation requirements be managed in this manner and not through Academic Affairs or the Office of the President. 

Visit the academic regulations page for full details.