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Course Structure & Experience

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The Braven Accelerator Broken Down

The Braven experience is broken down into three sections. Throughout the course, students are teamed up with 5-8 other DSU students from a variety of majors, allowing you to connect with peers and form connections outside your academic area of study.

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Design Your Career: While bonding with your cohort of Fellows through the sharing of core value stories, you will explore leadership, values, and career interests, which will help you create a career project plan.

Launch Your Career: Students build or refine their resumes, develop their interview skills through mock interviews and informational interviews with professionals, and learn to communicate their stories and strengths clearly and concisely verbally and in writing. They receive extensive feedback on their cover letters and mock interviews, and practice their skills at networking events.

Capstone Challenge: Each semester, Braven partners with an employer for the Capstone Challenge, a five-week project where Fellows use design thinking to solve a real-world problem proposed by the employer. Fellows present their solutions to the employer and develop teamwork, leadership, project planning, and public speaking skills.

Post-Accelerator Support

Upon completion of the Accelerator course, students receive access to additional optional opportunities to develop leadership and career readiness skills, engage in an enduring professional network, and stay on track to securing strong internships and jobs. Students may:

  • Be a part of a 12-week professional 1:1 mentoring program in your desired field as you get closer to the time of your job search.
  • Receive Braven specific emails announcing job and internship opportunities.
  • Benefit from one-off professional development and networking events such as workshops and skill builders with employer partners.
  • Join the Braven National Network with peers from seven other colleges and universities nationwide for community support and resources after the course to launch your career!

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