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Board of Trustees

The business and affairs of the University are governed by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees has all the powers accorded it by Title 14, Chapter 65 of the Delaware Code. The Board consists of 15 members whose appointment or election is provided for in the Delaware Code, and the governor of the state and the President of the University, both of whom shall be members of the Board, ex officio, with the right to vote.

Eight of the trustees are appointed and commissioned by the governor for a term of six years. Two such trustees will reside in each county of the state. Seven of the trustees are elected by a majority of the whole Board as constituted. They are elected for a term of six years. One such trustee will reside in each county of the state.

Pursuant to Delaware Statutes 6505, the Board of Trustees has the superintendence of the University. The Board has the power to appoint and remove the faculty and other officers and agents of the University and its own body; to fill vacancies and to make bylaws as well for the government of the University; to appoint and assess the President’s performance; to determine and clarify the institution’s mission; to approve long-range plans; to access the educational program; to ensure financial solvency; to preserve institutional independence; to maintain the appropriate relationship between the University and the public it serves; to assess Board performance; and to protect and preserve the institution’s assets. Members serve without compensation.

In accordance with the Delaware Freedom of Information Act 29 Delaware Code Ch. 100 (“FOIA”), all meetings of the full Board of Trustees are open to the public and all formal action is taken in view of the public. Agendas are posted at least ten days before each regular meeting on the bulletin board outside the Hardcastle/Selby Boardroom on the 4th floor of the Administration Building and on the University eNews.

The current officers of the Board are: Leroy Tice, Esq., Chair; Ms. Debbie Harrington, 1st Vice Chair; Mr John J. Allen Jr., 2nd Vice Chair; Mrs. Margie Lopez-Waite, Treasurer and Tamara Stoner, Board Secretary. The Board chair appoints the chairs and membership of all standing committees with such appointments remaining in effect at the pleasure of the Board Chair. The committees meet as needed and report their recommendations and discussions to the full Board in public session. The standing committees of the Board are:

  • Executive Leadership Committee
  • Athletics Committee
  • Audit & ERM Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Innovation & Sustainability Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Academic & Student Success Committee



Leroy Tice, Esq., Chair
Ms. Debbie Harrington, 1st Vice Chair
Mr. John J. Allen Jr., 2nd Vice Chair
Mrs. Margie Lopez-Waite, Treasurer
Ms. Tamara Stoner, Board Secretary


The Honorable
Michael N. Castle
New Castle
Leroy A. Tice, Esq. New Castle
Dr. Devona E. G. Williams Kent
Norman Griffiths, Esq. New Castle
Mrs. Jocelyn Stewart New Castle
Dr. Wilma Mishoe Kent
Dr. Marlene Saunders Sussex
William Collick Sussex



Mr. John J. Allen, Jr. Sussex
Dr. Debbie Harrington New Castle
Mr. John Ridgeway Chester
Mrs. Bernadette Dorsey Whatley New Castle
Mrs. Margie Lopez-Waite New Castle
Mr. Chip Rossi New Castle


The Honorable John Carney
Governor of the State of Delaware

Dr. Tony Allen
President of the University


 Dr. A. Richard Barros, Esq.
 Dr. Claibourne D. Smith