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Never Too Late

never too late to graduate

We want YOU, back at DSU ! 

Are you a former Hornet or a former college student in good academic standing who earned 60+ credits but did not complete your degree? You may be eligible for a special opportunity to return to Delaware State University and fulfill your academic requirements in a convenient online format.

We are excited to have a committed student success coach that will be assisting you with numerous resources to complete your degree at Delaware State University.  There are writing workshops, academic seminars, and online success tools available to assist you. Please fill out the link below, if you are interested in completing your degree in a 100% online 8-weeks accelerated format!

Complete your degree in 18 months or less:

  • Courses start every 8 weeks and are flexible to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle.
  • While working with our online Student Success Coaches, you’ll create your pathway for academic success and degree completion. 

Online Programs/ Success Coaches:
Online Success Coaches will assist you from start to finish, providing academic and moral support.  Resources from coaches consist of the following:

Show your Hornet pride and complete the milestone! 

  • It’s the perfect time to come back home and continue your journey to join the ranks of Hornet alumni.

Near Completer Workflow

workflow chart


karen bourne douglasThis is a personal accomplishment that I longer for.
Returning to Delaware State University to complete my bachelor’s degree after a long hiatus was a rewarding, challenging, and exciting journey.

Karen Bourne Douglas
Class of Spring 23’

Tramaine guyI came to learn, and now I leave to serve!
I have always wanted to graduate from DSU because I have seen the value and pride of being part of a family, which means bettering the individual and impacting the community serving others.

Tramaine Guy
Class of Spring 23’

Keya StanleyI obtained my degree in one semester and received an offer for a lead teacher position for the following school year1
One day I received a pamphlet from Delaware State University; I remember reading the words “Its never too late” by that time, I had been out of school for about five years. So I decided at that moment to go back and obtain my degree.

Keya Stanley
Class of Spring 23’

Rosnell DorsainvilMy experience with DSU’s School of Graduate and Extended Studies was amazing. It went smoother than expected.
The curriculum/course catered to my career and allowed me to complete my assignments in a timely fashion. The professors were knowledgeable and responsive. I recommend anyone who needs to get back in the game and complete their degree, this is the right path.

Rosnell Dorsainvil
Class of Spring 23’


Visit desu.edu/apply-now.

File the FAFSA at fafsa.gov to learn if you qualify for funding.