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Experts in Residence Program

expert in residence

Program Overview

The DSU Experts in Residence Program is designed to leverage a diverse pool of experts aiming to provide mentorship, training, counseling, lectures/workshops, and various opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. The program promotes employment, research collaboration, publications, and other options by fostering meaningful connections.

Experts in Residence Program participants will be accepted competitively for a position at the beginning of an academic semester (Fall, Summer, or Spring). DSU will consider each prospective Expert’s expertise in interdisciplinary topics, scholarly or professional achievements, and areas of interest. 

Program Benefits

  1. Access a diverse pool of industry experts.
  2. Personalized mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals.
  3. In-class, group, and individual training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge.
  4. Counseling services for academic and career support.
  5. Engaging lectures, workshops, and seminars by experts.
  6. Opportunities for future employment, research collaborations, and publications.
  7. Encouragement of interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Expert in Residence Highlight

  • Global Program Officer Expert in Residence
  • United States Agency for International Development-USAID  

Dr. Julius G. Johnson
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Expert in Residence Reflections

Apply Now

We invite all global leaders to apply as an Expert in Residence to amplify your impact and extend your influence on a global scale.

DSU Expert In Residence Program Application

For more information about DSU’s Expert in Residence program please email swright [at] desu.edu