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Accessing ALEKS for the First Time

  1. Sign-on to Banner Self Service with your D# and PIN
    my desu
  2. Click the Student Services TAB
    student services
  3. Click the ALEKS Placement Assessment link
    ALEKS Link
  4. If you are not authorized to take the assessment you will get the message below. Otherwise you will be redirected to the ALEKS Website.
    ALEKS no access
  5. The first time you log into ALEKS you will answer a few survey questions and progress through a tutorial that will teach you how to enter your responses in the system. You will only see this series of pages before you take the first placement assessment. Select No, I am new to ALEKS, then click Continue.ALEKS 1
  6. Review the terms, check the box and click Continue.
    ALEKS 2
  7. Click Continue.
    ALEKS 3
  8. Your registration is now complete. Click Continue to your ALEKS Class.
    ALEKS 4
  9. The next screen is an overview of the next steps. Click Get Started Now >>.
    ALEKS 5