Certification Process

The first step in the Certification Process will be to contact VA Educational Benefits at 888.442.4551.

Once contact is made you will then be asked to fill out an application to see if you are eligible for educational benefits through the VA.

After you submit the application, the VA will then inform you of what chapter you are eligible for (if any).

Whatever chapter you are eligible for, the VA will then create a Certificate of Eligibility outlining all the detail of your new educational benefits.

The student will then wait for VA to send them a copy via email and/or regular mail. Upon receipt of the COE (Certificate of Eligibility) the student will bring a copy to my office or email it to me.

Once I am in possession of the COE I will make an appointment for the student to come into my office and go over the next steps.

During the scheduled appointment I will go over the process of submitting your class schedule to me in order to successfully complete the certification. Your class schedule (E-Bill) will provide me with all the necessary information needed to create the student’s certification. This class schedule needs to be final. For that reason, I ask all students to submit their final class schedule the day after add/drop period is concluded. Please see the steps below:

Please use these steps to send me your E-Bill for certification.

You can find your Spring 2022 bill in your MyDESU account. Once logged into MyDESU, select Student Services tab, select Student Records, select Account Summary by Selected term, choose Spring 2022 term, click the Email Me my Billing statement button. Once you receive your schedule/bill in your email, please forward to dgwilson [at] desu.edu for VA certification.

Once in possession of the COE and final class schedule, I will have all I need to complete the student’s certification.

I will enter the student’s information in Banner under the Veterans tab. The information includes the semester the student is being certified for, how many credit hours the student is taking, what chapter the student is using and finally the date of the actual certification.

This process is done before every semester that the student is asking to be certified for.