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Graduation Day Details for Students and Guests

We look forward to celebrating graduates’ achievements and welcoming their families to campus. In order to ensure that our graduates and their guests have the best possible experience, heightened security will be in effect during each Commencement ceremony. We ask for the community’s cooperation and understanding with the following:

Large presence of police and security personnel

  • The Delaware State University Police Department and surrounding law enforcement agencies will be posted throughout the DSU campus monitoring all entry points to each designated Commencement venue; and

  • Bomb-detection canines from local law enforcement will sweep designated venues and open areas.


  • Normal-sized handbags, purses, clear bags, and camera bags will be allowed.
  • All bags will be physically inspected prior to entry and are subject to search at any time.
  • No firearms, knives, explosives, or other weapons are allowed.
  • No cans, coolers, metal bottles, and other containers (except in cases of medical need, as certified by a physician) are allowed.
  • No artificial noise makers, air horns, or megaphones may be used.
  • No promotional items with commercial slogans or identification.
  • No large signs, flags, poles, banners, balloons, or laser pointers.
  • No luggage, extra-large bags, backpacks, or wrapped gifts.
  • Any item that may be deemed a security risk will not be allowed into the venues.
  • Pointy high-heeled shoes/stilettos (in Alumni Stadium), blankets, chairs, tripods, umbrellas and video cameras are not permitted at the ceremonies.
  • The only animals allowed at the ceremonies are Service Dogs. No other pets or emotional support animals are permitted.
  • Children may not sit in the student seating area at the ceremonies.

As part of the DSUPD’s security efforts, magnetometers will be used at each venue. There are no designated bag checks or holding areas. We recommend that you refrain from bringing a bag to campus or to the Commencement venues. If you choose to bring a normal-sized bag, law enforcement personnel will search it before you are permitted to enter the designated venue. These policies are consistent with security plans at colleges and universities throughout the region and are meant to provide security and comfort for those who will be in attendance.

Traffic Operations

The Delaware State University Police Department is anticipating heavy and congested traffic through the campus and adjacent roadways. We encourage students and their guests to expect delays and plan accordingly to arrive early.

Ride Share/Student Drop-Off/Pick-up Location

  • International Flags/Circle — For students and guests using ride share programs or being dropped off for the events, the designated drop-off/pick-up location is at the International Flags/Circle adjacent to the Martin Luther King Student Center. Drivers should enter campus using Gate 1 off College Road.

Campus Entry/Exit

  • The Main Gate, located at the front of the campus, off South DuPont Highway (U.S. Rt. 13) and adjacent to the University’s Welcome Center will be CLOSED during this event. All traffic will be diverted to the following campus gates located off College Road.

    • GATE 1 — Designated Accessible Parking Entrance (ADA Placard/DAV License Plate/DSU ADA Placard ONLY) and Ride Share Entrance

    • GATE 2 — Graduate and Designated General Parking Entrance

Road Closures

  • Loop Road adjacent to Alumni Stadium will close at 7:15 a.m. (Shuttles will have access).
  • Old College Road adjacent to the William C. Jason Library and the Bank of America Building will be closed.

All road closures shall remain in effect until conditions no longer warrant the closure.

Event Parking

ADA Accessible Parking and Drop-Off Area 

  • Each parking lot on campus has designated accessible parking spaces. In addition to those spaces, to best serve our guests and graduates who require accommodation for disabilities, for the Undergraduate Ceremony, a large portion of Lot 1 will be designated as accessible parking only. Only vehicles that have the appropriate accessible parking placards, license plates, or a DSU-approved accessible parking placard shall be permitted to park in this designated area. This includes guests with Disabled Veterans license plates.
  • For vehicles that do not have the required placard but have passengers with accessibility needs, there is a designated Accessible Drop-off Zone within Parking Lot 1. Once the passengers have been dropped off, your vehicle must be parked in the areas designated as general parking.
  • For the Graduate Ceremony, additional parking spaces in Lot 16 have been reserved for accessible parking. Only vehicles that have the appropriate accessible parking placards, license plates, or a DSU-approved accessible parking placard shall be permitted to park in this designated area.  

Vehicles found to have been parked in the accessible parking areas without the required placards are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

General Parking

  • A portion of parking Lot 1, and all of parking Lots 14, 16, 18, 19, 24, and 25 have been designated as general parking areas.

Overflow Parking

  • The AG Lot and the grassy area adjacent to the Village Apartments and Lot 25 are designated overflow areas.

Shuttle Services

Delaware State University will provide shuttle services throughout the event. The shuttles will pick up and drop off at the following locations:

  • Shuttle Bus #1
    • AG Lot — Located across College Road, adjacent to Gate 1. The AG Lot is the designated overflow parking area.
  • Shuttle Bus #2
    • Behind University Village Building 3
  • Shuttle Bus #3
    • In front of EH Theater
  • Shuttle Bus #4
    • Parking Lot 16
  • Shuttle Bus #5
    • Parking Lot 18
  • In addition, there will be 3 ADA accessible shuttles. The shuttles will pick up and drop off at the following locations:
    • Parking Lots 1, 4, 16, and 18