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Parent Newsletter

Advising Matters: Thrive in the HiveOSS Parent News Letter - Winter 2022 - FRONT COVER

In March 2022, The Office of Student Success (OSS) released its Inaugural Parent E-Newsletter. The purpose of this e-newsletter is to connect Hornet families with OSS and bring a greater awareness of Student Success endeavors at Delaware State University. This publication will keep Hornet families up-to-date on the latest efforts at the University in support of student success, with a specific focus on academic advising and student support services.

The content will include important dates and deadlines, tips for student success, answers to frequently asked questions, Hornet Highlights, success stories, and the opportunity to connect with Student Success staff via our email helpline at Thrive [at] desu.edu. We anticipate that this level of engagement with Hornet families will serve as a proactive solution to advisement-related issues or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Delaware State University, where It All Matters and we hope this is useful to you all!

Editorial Staff

Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe | Editor-In-Chief
Dr. Danielle Archambault | Co-Managing Editor
Ms. Lorraine M. Williams | Co-Managing Editor
Mr. Jeffrey Attakorah | Deputy & Copy Editor

Past releases:

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Winter 2022 - Let the holidays begin!

Let the [2022] holidays begin!OSS Parent Newsletter - Winter 2022 Release - Front Cover

In this edition, we’ve highlighted our Office of Integrated Academic Support Services (IASS) (pg. 3), Deans and Chairpersons (pg. 4 - 5), Ms. Bella Whitney as our Hornet Highlight (pg. 3), end-of-semester reminders (pg. 6), and more to help you prepare for the Spring 2023 semester or Winter 2022 semester if our students choose to pursue that option.

Readers also can dive into articles on “Money Matters” (pg. 9), which we will help students get financially cleared for the upcoming semester. Also read about Catch up or Spring Ahead? Try Winter Session” (pg. 8), an article for our students that want to catch up or spring ahead in their courses, as well as view dates and times for the Spring 2023 semester. In the Hornet Highlight section (pg. 3), Ms. Bella Whitney, a Rising Senior who majors in Middle Childhood Education was highlighted as she discussed how she represents the University in many forms.

Lastly, we re-released some of our previous articles on our 2022 Hornet Student GPS and DSU Hubb (pg. 11), and some Frequently Asked Questions for our Parents/Families (pg. 10). 


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Fall 2022 - Welcome to the 2022-2023 Year

Fall 2022 Newsletter Release - Front Coverwelcome back Release

In this release, the Office of Student Success (OSS) welcomed its students as we presented and introduced to its readers some new innovations and changes taking place on campus since our last update, as well as information and tips on how our family and stakeholders can have a successful time and journey here at DSU.

Articles on new innovations like “OSS Launches EAB’s Navigate” (pg. 2), ”DSU Launches A One Stop Shop App: DSU HUB” (pg. 4), and the “Hornet Student GPS” (pg. 7) are included in this reading. Also included are reads on tools of success such as “Best Practices - Parent Edition” (pg. 5), ”Tips For Students” (pg 5 - 7), and a FAQ section dedicated to our Parents and Families on page 8.

We also highlighted Ms. Ondrea Murphy of our Library Services under our Director’s Corner (pg. 3) and Ms. Kayla Eason, a First Year Kinesiology major for our Hornet Highlight (pg. 3 - 4). All this, as well as an updated Directory for our Advisors (pg. 9) and our Programs & Services (pg. 10), can be found in this reading.


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Spring 2022 - The Inaugural Edition

Spring 2022 Newsletter Release - Front CoverThe Inaugural edition 

In this release, the Office of Student Success (OSS) gave an overview of its department but gave the readers an inside look into its Mission and Framework (pg. 1), how the department is organized, as well as its Advisement Cycle (pg. 2). Readers also got a look into their Advisement Leadership Team (pg. 3), Program Directors & Coordinators, and introduced us to their newest employee and staff (pg. 4).

Readers also can dive into articles on “Managing Academic Difficulties” (pg. 3), and  ”The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)” (pg. 2) as well as view dates and times for the Spring 2022 Virtual Pre-registration Workshops and Mobile Advisor. In the Hornet Highlight section (pg. 2), Ms. Timara Fortt - Senior, Criminal Justice major was highlighted as she discussed why she became a Peer Academic Coach. 


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