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Students with Disabilities

The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) realizes that all college students have many responsibilities, including students with disabilities. In order to help students with disabilities easily navigate the academic environment, we have provided resource information especially for you. Please use the Student Resource links to the left of this page to find additional information about Documentation Requirements, Confidentiality, Free DSU Resources, tips for using common accommodations, the CDR Appeals Procedure, and much more!

Registering with the Center for Disability Resources (CDR)

In order for reasonable accommodations to be approved or denied the student must engage in the interactive process with CDR by using the following steps:

  1. Submitting Documentation: Student submits the Student Request for Accommodations Form along with medical documentation that meets the Documentation Requirements. Students are encouraged to do this BEFORE the start of classes.
  2. Review: A representative from the Center for Disability Resources will review the documentation and recommendations prior to meeting with the student.
  3. Meeting with the CDR: As soon as medical documentation and the Student Request for Accommodations Form have been submitted to the CDR, it is the student’s responsibility to make an appointment with the CDR. During this appointment, the representative from the CDR will talk with the student about the current impact or barriers to education they experience and will determine what, if any, reasonable accommodations should be put in place.
  4. Accommodation Letter: If/when accommodations are approved; the student will receive an Accommodation Letter listing their approved accommodations This letter is generally available at the end of the meeting.
    • The student provides a copy of the Accommodation Letter to each individual facilitating their accommodations (ie: professor) and is responsible for discussing their approved accommodations.
  5. Renewal of Accommodation Letters: Accommodation Letters must be renewed each semester in order for the accommodations to be valid in that semester’s courses. To renew an Accommodation Letter the student should fill out the online Renew My Accommodation Letter form, email, call, or stop by the CDR to request their letters. Renewed letters are available within 3 business days.

It is the expectation of Delaware State University and the CDR that the student maintains contact with the Center and remains actively involved in the accommodation process throughout the semester. Any questions or concerns regarding accommodations should be communicated to the CDR as soon as possible and additional appointments made, if appropriate.