130th Anniversary

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130th Anniversary

In 2021 Delaware State University will celebrate its 130th Anniversary. 

Letter from Dr. Tony Allen

Hornet Family, do you recognize any of these names?

John Boykin Aikin Maurice Jackson Beamer Jeremiah M. Conoway Joseph Emelin Fields
Alfred Gibbs Herbert Postles Gibbs  Isaac Gibbs William P. Graham
West Rufus Graham Alfred Thessolian Guy Enoch W. Hubert John Edward Mitchell
William Henry Patten David Purnell Edward Reed Peter Rias
Melsey Corsa Sammons Charles Franklin Tharpe Lea Andrew Watson John Benjamin Weston
Thomas F. Woodward Howard Day Young    

Those are your ancestors in spirit - our student roster from 1892-1893 - the twenty-two young black Delawareans who became the pioneers of Delaware State's first, full class, taking their courses in a handful of rickety, wood-framed buildings on our Dover campus.

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DSU Alumni Celebrate 130th

130th Anniversary Tour

Trustee John Ridgeway ‘75 tours the Delaware State University Campus with Alumnus and Athletics Hall of Famer, Robert Vanderhost ‘72

In every race, in every nation, and in every clime in every period of history there is always an eager-eyed group of youthful patriots who seriously set themselves to right the wrongs done to their race or nation or ... art or self-expression. Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1873-1935) Poet, Educator, Activist and DSC Professor/Administrator
Alice Dunbar
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