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Writing Resources for Students

The Integrated Academic Support Services (IASS) Writing Resources page will serve as YOUR reference for common writing dilemmas. While aimed at DSU students, these resources will be available to anyone who needs a bit of brushing up! The IASS staff and writing tutors have collaborated with the DSU Composition and Speech Program to create video content on different segments of writing and set things straightforward when it comes to writing. As an ongoing development, we will work to provide solutions to some of our frequently asked questions when it comes to writing and provide more resources to serve as references for these inquiries. However, the DSU Writing Studio, as always, would be the place to be for more detailed and in-person writing assistance. 

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Page Contents 

Video Instructions and Help: Video Creator / Producer
                                        *** Click the links below to locate videos ***
How to write a Thesis Statement Iyonna Miller
Avoiding Sentence Errors: Comma Splices Dagmar Rodriguez
Show, Don’t Tell Camara Kelly
Punctuation rules: How to use Commas, Semicolons, and Colons  Madison Hazen
Avoiding Sentence Errors: Run-on Sentence Dagmar Rodriguez
How to write a Conclusion Paragraph Madison Hazen


Video Instructions and Tutorials:


  • Show, Don’t Tell - Camara Kelly
    This video describes the “Show, Don’t Tell” strategy which writers use to convey information through details and actions, rather than stating something outright.