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Resident Assistant

The Department of Housing and Residential Education is glad to know that you may be interested in a position as a Resident Assistant. The RA position is a very important part of the DSU family. As an RA, you will have an opportunity to positively affect the lives of others. The Residential Education staff is made up of Resident Directors (RD’s), Senior RA’s (SRA’s) and current Resident Assistants (RA’s). The people in these positions share a common bond of caring and respect for each other and for each resident. We are looking for people who are interested in sharing their spirit and enthusiasm for their school and their time with others.

The RA serves in one of the most comprehensive roles in the Student Affairs Division. No student problem escapes the RA’s involvement. This is one of the most difficult student positions to hold and to perform well. To be called on to do so many tasks, to hold so many responsibilities, and to be accountable for so many other people during the time you are shaping your own education, is one of the greatest challenges you will face during your life as an RA here at DSU.

RA’s act as supervisors of their floor/wing or apartment unit and, as such, gain valuable experience in organization, leadership, supervisory methods, and peer counseling in the area of conflict resolution. This experience may benefit you later in life and should certainly be added to your resume. All of these are valuable tools to develop, regardless of your later role in life.