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Sophomore Year Experience Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the Sophomore Year Experience Program is to help second-year students persist and graduate by providing programs, workshops, and events that will cultivate a sense of belonging and improve leadership and academic skills.

Hornet Highway Program
The Hornet Highway program is designed to help second-year students with developing scholastic and professional development skills needed to succeed in and outside of the classroom. The Hornet Highway Program has two options for students called lanes.

The Hornet Scholar Lane consists of workshops and programs targeted toward increasing their academic performance. The Iconic Hornet Lane consists of workshops and programs focused on preparing students interested in leadership roles on and off campus.

The Hornet Scholar Lane
The Hornet Scholar Lane aims to increase the overall academic well-being of second-year students. Students in this lane will set academic goals and attend workshops established to improve their academic performance.

Hornet Scholar Lane Workshops

  • See It. Believe It. Achieve It.
  • Study With A Buddy
  • Time Management
  • Hornets Around The World

The Iconic Hornet Lane
The Iconic Hornet Lane is designed for sophomores that are ready to lead on and off campus. Students who participate in the Iconic Hornet Lane will learn how to thrive as leaders by attending dynamic professional development workshops.

Iconic Hornet Lane Workshops

  • Motivational Speaker Event
  • Hustle Like A Hornet
  • Behind The Scenes Series

Join Our Hornet Highway Program!
If you are a second-year student that is interested in enhancing your academic and leadership skills please click here to join the Hornet Highway Program.

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