DSU 2022 Self Study

DSU’s 2022 MSCHE Self Study is underway! Here’s more on the process, who’s involved, and the timeline going forward:

Using DSU’s 2016 Periodic Peer Review as a springboard, DSU embarked upon the process of seeking MSCHE formal reaccreditation in 2022 by consulting the PRIDE 2020 Strategic Plan. Subsequently, an Institutional Priorities survey of all Delaware State University constituents was conducted from November 7-30, 2019. There were 561 respondents across various DSU constituencies. The top five Institutional Priorities, identified consistently by respondents, were:

  • Student Success (19%)
  • Academic Excellence (18%)
  • Operational Effectiveness (14%)
  • Financial Planning (13%)
  • Infrastructure (11%)

A DSU delegation attended MSCHE’s Self Study Institute in October 2019; upon their return, the delegation broadened key participation by forming the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee held its first meeting on December 16, 2019. Its membership includes 33 administrators, faculty, and staff, including 4 Chairs. Steering Committee members will serve as leaders of the MSCHE Self Study process throughout, contributing special expertise and representing the voices of their DSU areas, departments, and programs. The Steering Committee is also comprised of those who co-chair the 8 Working Groups.

The Working Groups held a kick-off meeting on January 21, 2020. Organized by each of MSCHE’s 7 Standards and 15 Requirements of Affiliation, Working Groups’ sizes vary, but they include faculty, administration, staff, and students. Working Groups are responsible for: identifying and gathering data, identifying gaps in the evidence, analyzing data, and writing their respective chapters of the Self Study.

Intended Outcomes of the DSU 2022 Self Study include:

  • Reaccreditation and meeting the MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation and Standards for Accreditation. 
  • Functionality and effectiveness of the assessment practices put into place since the 2012 Self Study and 2016 Periodic Peer Review.
  • Focus on continuous improvement in the attainment of the institution’s mission and its institutional priorities.
  • Inclusive and transparent self-appraisal process across the university.