Career Assessment

Many career assessments tools exist for individuals to match their personalities to career options. The Office of Career Services/Pathways encourages students to identify their passions and pursue careers according to increases the odds of fulfillment and ultimate success.  Below is the Pathway U assessment which will have you explore and clarify career options.  Once you have completed the assessment, you may contact or/and visit our office at careerservices [at] or in-person, Martin Luther King, Jr., Student Center, 3rd Floor, Room 333 to make an appointment with one of our coaching specialist to discuss your results.


jobzologyPathwayU is a tool you can use to:

  • Discover your path by taking assessments that will help you think about what is important to you.
  • Explore the different career paths that make the most sense for your unique interests and values.
  • Prepare for future jobs by learning what strengths you bring to the table and the type of environment you need to succeed.
  • See the different steps you can take on your journey toward building a life full of joy, meaning, and purpose.
  • Connect with relevant jobs on Symplicity and Indeed
  • Show various career matches for majors provided at DSU
  • Offers education path for Military/Veterans through Military Walk section


Start Your Journey

  • Use the link below to create your account and get started:
  • Complete your 4 assessments (Values, Interests, Personality, and Workplace Preferences) in 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Set-up your appointment with the Office of Career Services/Pathways to discuss.