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Pledge of Ethical and Quality Assurance

Delaware State University Pledge of Ethical and Quality Assurance
DoD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Compliance

Delaware State University (DSU) is honored to engage in a Voluntary Education Partnership with the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This partnership underscores DSU’s commitment to supporting military-affiliated students in their pursuit of higher education. Through an active Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the DoD, DSU pledges to adhere to ethical practices that prioritize the needs of military-affiliated students.


DSU is dedicated to conducting fair and ethical recruitment practices, ensuring transparency and integrity in all interactions with prospective students, including those with military affiliations. Adhering to Department of Education regulations and compliance standards outlined in C.F.R. 668.71-668.75 and 668.14, DSU’s admissions staff upholds the principles of professional ethics established by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

Delaware State University:

  • Bans the offering of inducements, which include any form of gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan, transportation, lodging, meals, or any item with a monetary value exceeding a de minimis amount, to individuals, entities, or their agents, including third-party lead generators or marketing firms. This prohibition applies to the purpose of securing enrollments of Service members or gaining access to tuition assistance funds. However, scholarships, grants, and tuition reductions sponsored by the educational institution and available to military students are permitted under DSU’s policies.
  • Prohibits the offering of bonuses, commissions, or other incentives based directly or indirectly on securing enrollments or federal financial aid acquisition (including Tuition Assistance funds) to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting, admission activities, or making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance.
  • Refrains from employing high-pressure recruitment tactics, including excessive unsolicited contacts or same-day recruitment and enrollment procedures for the purpose of securing military service member enrollments.
  • Prohibits substantial misrepresentation of the University’s programs, cost, or employability of its graduates.
  • Ensures that all Active-Duty Military Service members speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within their Military Service before enrolling at the institution.
  • Utilizes appointed and trained employees, students, and alumni to represent the University in recruiting and enrolling students, particularly in direct contact with applicants, parents/guardians, or spouses.


Financial Aid

DSU is committed to providing accurate and reliable information regarding financial aid options to military-affiliated students. Through the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, students have access to resources on both federal and private student loans and are encouraged to consult with trained financial aid counselors for personalized guidance.

At DSU, oversight and management measures are implemented to ensure that financial aid counselors are trained and qualified before offering, recommending, arranging, signing up, or enrolling military service members in federal or private student loans. The Executive Director of Financial Aid serves as the designated compliance point of contact for this purpose.

Delaware State University ensures adherence to the following standards:

  • Employment of trained and qualified financial aid counselors who adhere to a Code of Conduct compliant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, ensuring transparency and ethical practices in financial aid disbursement.
  • Provision of access to trained and qualified financial aid counselors for military service members before offering private student loans. These counselors offer comprehensive loan counseling, covering:
    • Explanation of available financial aid, including Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
    • Description of differences between private and federal student loans, including terms, conditions, repayment, and forgiveness options.
    • Disclosure of DSU’s student loan Cohort Default Rate (CDR) and comparison to the national average. Any discrepancies are disclosed along with loan repayment data.
    • Explanation of students’ ability to refuse or borrow less than the maximum allowable student loan amount.
  • Accessibility of DSU’s Cohort Default Rates (CDR) and refund policies to all students, including all military-affiliated individuals, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial matters.

Student Accounts

Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance (TA) Funds

DSU values our military-connected students and recognizes the significance of Military Tuition Assistance (TA) in supporting their educational endeavors. DSU’s refund policy applies equitably to military tuition assistance (TA) students, ensuring the proportional return of unearned TA funds in accordance with established guidelines.

To ensure that oversight and management measures are implemented regarding the return of unearned tuition funds, the Assistant Vice President of Student Accounts serves as the designated Tuition Assistance point of contact for this purpose. In accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) requirements,

Delaware State University shall:

  • Direct Service members to consult with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or military counselor prior to enrolling at the university.
  • Ensure that TA funds are returned directly to the military branch, not the individual servicemember.
  • Refund TA funds paid for any courses that are subsequently canceled by the university.
  • Refund 100% of TA funds up to the course start date to the military service branch if the servicemember does not start the course.
  • Return any unearned TA funds on a prorated basis through at least the 60% portion of the period for which the funds were provided. 
  • Apply the same financial aid/TA return policy for military servicemembers as for nonmilitary students, accounting for variations in course durations (16-week, 8-week, and 5-week courses) through a graduated scale of refund dates.
  • Recognize cases where military servicemembers are unable to continue their studies due to military obligations and collaborate with affected service members to find solutions that alleviate financial burdens.


Delaware State University maintains accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and ensures that programs requiring specific accreditation meet industry standards.

Numerous academic programs receive accreditation from professional associations. In these fields, accreditation is mandatory for graduates to qualify for licensing examinations or to pursue their professional endeavors. Completion of an accredited program serves as a hallmark of excellence. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at DSU diligently maintains and updates the roster of accredited programs offered at the university. They are as follows:

School/College Agency Accreditation Reaffirmation (AR) Upcoming Evaluation (UE)
Business Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Apr-22 Mar-27
Chemistry American Chemical Society (ACS) Dec-22 2026
Education Center for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) 2019 Self-Study Report June 2025 and Visit Spring, 2026
Hospitality and Tourism Management Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA) Apr-22 Summer 2028
Law Studies American Bar Association (ABA) Sep-20 Dec-25
Nursing Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) Apr-22 Fall, 2027 (BSN) Fall, 2028 (MSN)
Coordinated Program in Dietetics Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Feb-22 February, 2023
Occupational Therapy Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) Apr-22 Jun-29
Social Work Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Apr-22 January-June 2028


Academic Advising

DSU prioritizes student success from the moment our students step foot on campus. DSU’s Office of Student Success serves as the primary point of entry, offering comprehensive support and guidance throughout the students’ academic journey. Our advising structure is meticulously designed to facilitate seamless communication and empower students with the information needed for effective academic planning, exploring alternate pathways when appropriate, and receiving early guidance in their degree program.

Standards for Academic Advisement:

  • Comprehensive Support: Our academic advisors are committed to assisting all matriculated students (i.e. military and non-affiliate military) in formulating an educational plan that align with their academic interests and career goals.
  • EAB Navigate Platform: DSU utilizes the EAB Navigate Platform to enhance student success through technology, research, and consulting. Navigate coordinates campus resources, identifies at-risk students, analyzes data to inform academic policy, and connects administrators, advisors, faculty, and students in a holistic support system, guiding students through their educational journey, and ultimately improving retention.
  • Mandatory Advising and the Individual Development Plan (IDP): Academic advisors collaborate with all DSU students, to develop a comprehensive, personal educational plan or IDP, ensuring that students are actively engaged and on track to graduate within four years.  The mandated IDP sessions are crucial for setting expectations and providing ongoing support and guidance.
  • Collaborative Approach: DSU academic advisors work closely with faculty and staff across campus to ensure that students receive exposure to their desired degree program and have opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities within their academic major.
  • Matriculated students can utilize DegreeWorks by Ellucian, our degree audit system, to review degree requirements, including necessary courses, required hours, and minimum GPA criteria.

Career Counseling and Post-Graduation Opportunities

DSU aims to employs the Office of Career Services/Pathways to assisting students, including military service members, in exploring their interests and readying them for thriving careers worldwide. With the aid of academic advisors and career specialists, students can access career guidance and learn about post-graduation job prospects, facilitating their professional growth.

Transfer Credits

DSU implements a streamlined transfer student admissions process designed to cater to the needs of transfer students, ensuring a smooth transition to our institution each year.

Delaware State University:

  • Discloses its transfer credit policy and requirements within our Undergraduate Catalog, the Transfer Student Admissions website, and throughout various applicable DSU webpages.
  • Accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions, provided that course grades are “C” or above.
  • Awards a total of six (6) open credits to active-duty service members and veterans who have at least three years of honorable service.
  • Abstains from making unsupported claims regarding the acceptance of transfer credits by other institutions.
  • Provides credit evaluation for military servicemembers, who submit to the university their Joint Services Transcript (JST) or CCAF transcript for Air Force.
  • Follows the same evaluation process as for other undergraduate students to evaluate credits earned from non-military sources, such as other colleges, universities, and testing programs like AP, CLEP, and IB. Official transcripts or reports from each source must be submitted directly to DSU to be evaluated for acceptance.
  • Provides prospective students with access to DSU’s Transfer Credit Equivalency Tool to determine how their credits will transfer before application submission. The resource is available on the Transfer Student Admissions webpage.


DSU facilitates the readmission process for former students, including military servicemembers, in accordance with established policies and regulations. DSU adheres to readmission guidelines consistent with provisions outlined in Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook, which caters to the needs of military servicemembers.