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Commencement FAQs

  • Will there be a professional photographer to take my photo as I walk across the stage to receive my degree?
    Yes.  An official photography company at December Commencement 2018 will take photos of graduates as they cross the stage. Students will be provided a card to complete which requests current email, address and telephone number. After Commencement, a proof will be mailed and/or emailed along with purchasing information.
  • How long is the ceremony?
    Approximately 2 hours
  • Who is the speaker?
    Honorable Christopher Coons
  • What are the qualifications for walking at Commencement?
    Please see Graduation Requirements on the DSU Commencement web site.
  • Can I still walk at Commencement if I still have to take one or two fall, spring or summer classes?
  • Can I decorate my cap (mortarboard)?
    No.  Commencement at DSU is a dignified occasion. 
  • Why I am not allowed to wear spike heels?
    Heels may cause damage to the gymnasium floor.
  • When do I have to arrive on campus for Commencement?
    8:30 a.m. in the Wellness and Recreation Center (WRC).  See line up details under Commencement Day Information on the Commencement web site.
  • When can my family/friends come to Commencement to get a seat?
    Two hours prior to the start of the Commencement ceremony (8 a.m.).
  • What activities are there for graduating seniors?
    Please check the DSU Commencement web site under “Commencement Events
  • Where can I get my cap and gown from?
    Cap and gown (regalia) distribution is held in the Bookstore in the MLKSC. Please check the DSU Commencement web site under “Commencement Events.”
  • If I am in a Fraternity or Sorority, where can I get my Greek sash from?
    Stop by the Bookstore in the MLKSC.
  • Is Commencement going to be filmed?
    Yes, however, it will not be for sale.  Please feel free to ask your family/friends to capture the ceremony. The ceremony will be streamed live.
  • How many people can I invite to the Commencement ceremony in the gymnasium?
    There is no limit, however, please keep in mind the limitations of the gymnasium. Tickets are not required. An overflow room for the viewing of Commencement will be set up in the 2nd floor parlors of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center. Printed programs will also be available in the parlors. Additional sites for viewing Commencement will be available in the Theater, E&H Building. Additionally, anyone can watch Commencement on their mobile device or computer with live streaming.
  • Where do I get my invitations for Commencement from?
    Please attend the Grad Fair in the Bookstore or go to www.herffjones.com.  Click on “Graduation” then click “College”. The DSU Copy Center also sells announcements at a low cost.
  • Where do I get my honor cords from?
    If you are eligible for honor cords, they will be included in your regalia (cap and gown) package. Please check the DSU Commencement web site under “Commencement Events.”
  • Are there tickets for Commencement?
    Tickets are NOT required for commencement.
  • What are the Commencement fees for?
    Cap/gown, administrative fees and activities
  • What are the parking options for students, family and friends?
    There will be plenty of parking on campus available on Saturday, December 15, 2018. Prospective graduates as well as their family and friends, can park in any parking lot with the exception of reserved spaces and fire lanes. However, a section of Parking Lot 1 (near the main gate) will be designated for handicapped Commencement parking. Please do not park at area businesses during Commencement. Your vehicle will be subject to ticketing and/or towing. Fines and fees will apply. Handicapped spaces will continue to be reserved for only handicapped designated cars. Handicapped parking and the wheelchair drop-off points for Commencement parking will be near gymnasium and other locations. Special needs and handicapped seating will also be designated in the gymnasium.  Parking on the grass anywhere on campus is prohibited. See Campus Map.
  • How are Latin honors determined?
    Latin honors are based on the previous semester’s cumulative GPA.
  • Can I walk in December 2018 even though I finished in May 2018?
    Yes, however, your name may not appear in the December Commencement printed program.