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Dover Air Force Base


As Director of Dover Air Force Base at Delaware State University, it is my pleasure to welcome all military-affiliated students to the DSU community!

We recognize and celebrate the unique qualities that distinguish you as a member of the armed forces. Your commitment to service reflects the highest ideals of character and dedication. Just as you demonstrate resilience and determination in the face of obstacles in your military duty, you will use those same qualities to achieve in your academic studies at DSU.

Here, we understand the importance of balancing military service with your educational aspirations. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the resources, assistance, and encouragement you need to thrive. From financial aid to academic counseling, from campus resources to community connections, our dedicated team is here to ensure your experience at DSU is seamless and rewarding.

I encourage you to explore all that DSU has to offer, both academically and extracurricular. Take advantage of our diverse course offerings, engage in campus events and activities, and connect with fellow students, faculty, and staff who share your passion for learning and growth.

We thank you for your service and for choosing Delaware State University. We’re honored to have you as part of our community, and we look forward to supporting you on your journey to success. #B [at] ease.dsu

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DSU @ Dover Air Force Base

Delaware State University honors your service and commitment, along with your families’ sacrifices.

Conveniently located at Dover Air Force Base, DSU offers in-person and online CCAF classes for active-duty members.

Our main campus in Dover provides access to a vibrant student community and NCAA Division I athletic events.

Choose one of many Associate, Bachelor, and Graduate Degrees!

Visit us at the Education and Training Center (Bldg. 261), Room 302, for all your educational needs.

Be a soldier and scholar at Delaware State University! #B [at] ease.dsu

Vision Statement 

To be the premier educational hub at Dover Air Force Base, empowering military and non-civilian personnel with transformative learning experiences, fostering personal and professional growth, and shaping leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to facilitate access to quality higher education and professional development resources, tailored to the unique needs of the Dover Air Force Base community. Through personalized guidance, comprehensive support services, and innovative educational initiatives, we strive to empower individuals to excel academically, advance their careers, and contribute positively to their organizations and society.