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Testing Operations During University Delays and Closings

1) The vendor contacts all candidates if the test center is closed. The vendor will email and call the candidates directly.

Test candidate, please contact the vendor.  Only a vendor can reschedule or cancel an exam. Test candidates from other colleges/universities, please contact your institution if you need to reschedule an exam. All DSU Accessibility students that need to reschedule an exam, please contact your professor and make arrangements to test at another time. 

All test candidates are provided information by the vendors the procedures for test center closing. The vendor provides this information in the candidate bulletin via their website.  All candidates are instructed to contact the vendor on whether the test center is open or not. We do not schedule candidates, the candidates are scheduled by the vendors. We are not permitted to give out information to test candidates but instructed to have them contact the vendor.

We open whether the school closes or is delayed. Our test center is only closed on national holidays and winter break. No cell phone or other electronic devices are permitted per vendor rules at the testing center for security purposes.

2) A phone is available near the front check-in station desk for candidate use to call transportation. We have lockers for candidates to store personal belongings.  

All candidates must contact the vendor if one needs to cancel or reschedule. We do not schedule or reschedule test candidates.

Our testing center based on conditions will notify vendors, DSU Public Safety, WDEL, 97.7, 88.7,  WBOC-TV of closing. Based on agreement we close for extreme conditions (4 feet of snow or more and/or state emergency road closing by Governor) only. This requirement is based on the distance our candidates come to test. Our candidates 98.6% are non-DSU and travel a good distance to test at the center.