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Building Your Plan


Just like all of us balance our short-term needs with our long-term goals in life, we encourage our donors to adopt the same approach when building your charitable giving plan. Our guidance is designed to help you build a plan that is responsive to your needs and allows you to achieve your goals and build your legacy.

The Delaware State University Planned Giving Decision Guide is designed to help you understand all of the Planned Giving opportunities available to donors, along with recommendations based on the most common donor profiles. In the guide, each gift type is explained in a simple, step-by-step process. Gift types recommended for Young Donors are denoted with a “YD” designation, gift types recommended for Mid-Life Donors are denoted with “MD”, and gift types recommended for Senior Donors are denoted with “SD.”

As you explore the various Planned Giving opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our team for support. We also recommend reaching out to your own professional financial, tax or legal advisor so that we can work together to help you build a plan that meets your goals.

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Planned Gift Type Tax Benefits Annuity Income Gift Value Minimum Asset Appreciation Donor Type
Bequests Y Y* N Y* Mid-Life & Senior Donors
Named & Endowed Scholarships Y N Named: $3,000
Endowed: $10,000
Y* Mid-Life & Senior Donors
Annuities Y Y Y Y* Mid-Life & Senior Donors
Gift of Assets Y Y* N Y* All

*Asterisk indicates that these benefits apply to gifts that meet additional qualifications

For an explanation of all Planned Giving solutions, please read our Planned Giving Decision Guide or contact a member of our Institutional Advancement Team.

Next steps

To learn more, reach out to dsufoundation [at] desu.edu. You can also check out our Planned Giving Brochures & eDocuments page for more information on the Planned Giving opportunities here at DSU.

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