Tutor And SI Schedules

Our focus is to provide a wide range of tutorial support and academic workshops to ALL DSU students.  To meet the needs of our students, IASS offers in-person and virtual sessions on Monday – Friday and Saturday/Sunday.

IASS Tutor Image

Students who attend tutorial and SI sessions can expect:

  • To be greeted warmly and treated respectfully.
  • To experience a comfortable and professional environment that promotes active learning to include asking and answering questions.
  • To learn from peers about course concepts as well as effective study skill and test-taking strategies

Students who attend tutorial sessions should:

  • Arrive at tutorial appointments on time.
  • Come prepared:  bring a textbook, notebook, class notes, writing assignment, handouts, and laptop/iPad.
  • Come prepared: make a true attempt at assignments - read course material, outline topics, and highlight specific questions.
  • Have a positive attitude -  learn what to learn while learning how to learn

IASS Tutot Appreciation

Tutor Schedules

Math flowcode.com/p/An4BpNK5G?fc=0
Writing  flowcode.com/p/YFSeo42nd?fc=0
Biology  flowcode.com/p/An4DGzmgD?fc=0
Chemistry flowcode.com/p/An4nwsgu4?fc=0   
or flowcode.com/p/X6ytru40y?fc=0
Physics flowcode.com/p/An4BzeLYI?fc=0
Accounting flowcode.com/p/An4ywc8gU?fc=0
Computer Science flowcode.com/p/An4flyai3?fc=0
Spanish flowcode.com/p/paKNkLAHn?fc=0
French flowcode.com/p/t29cyk1vg?fc=0
Nursing flowcode.com/p/An49eaBDg?fc=0
Microcomputer Applications flowcode.com/p/An4fF51JI?fc=0
Music Theory flowcode.com/p/An49KUhDu?fc=0
Psychology flowcode.com/p/An4BsoBPS?fc=0
Kinesiology flowcode.com/p/mvIvhh1d5?fc=0
Study Skills flowcode.com/p/An4XMmaB0?fc=0
Tutor.com - free online service for all students:  flowcode.com/p/paKNxU3Sx?fc=0
Other Subjects   Please contact the IASS Team at IASS [at] desu.edu for further assistance
Supplemental Instruction (SI)  flowcode.com/p/9ZPpG6a8D?fc=0


The Next Step

  • Stop by our Centers on the Main Campus (WC Jason Library, 2nd floor) and DSU Downtown (Budd Hall, Lower Level)
  • Schedule an appointment by clicking on the “Schedule An Appointment with a Tutor” link.