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Understanding Your Score

The chart below will show you the connection between the score you earned and the course you can take.  Your advisor will help you select the right course for your major. 

Remember, you will not be permitted to take a math course above your readiness level even if you are just one point away.  So if you want to take a higher level course, use the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules to improve your skills and take the ALEKS placement assessment again.   

Minimum ALEKS Score Courses you are permitted to take
Less than 30 No equivalent course. You cannot register for any math courses. To place in a math course, you must review the content in the Prep and Learning Module. Then retake the placement test and earn a score of 30 or higher to place in a math course.
30-44 MTSC 110 – College Algebra A. This course is equivalent to the first half of MTSC 121 – College Algebra.  You must take MTSC 110 and MTSC 111 - College Algebra B  to earn credit equivalent to MTSC 121
30-100 MTSC 107 – Math and Data Analysis
45-59 MTSC 121 – College Algebra
45-100 MTSC 105/201 – Mathematics for Teachers I
60-75 MTSC 122 – Trigonometry; or
MTSC 125 – Finite Mathematics
60-100 MTSC 241 – Elementary Statistics
76-100 MTSC 251 – Calculus I; 
MTSC 261 – Calculus for Life Sciences;
MTSC 225 – Calculus for Business and Social Sciences

Your scores are valid for 9 months

Improving Your Score

You may retake the assessment up to four times after using the Prep and Learning Modules to place in the highest math course possible. Most students improve their scores on each subsequent assessment. The fourth placement assessment is the final assessment available to you. To complete a retake, you must wait 48 hours between placement assessment and spend at least 5 hours using the learning modules. Students who spend at least 15 hours in a learning module show the most improvement in their scores. There is generally no benefit to retaking the assessment immediately after completing a prior attempt. DSU reserves the right to randomly select students to take the placement assessment with a proctor on campus through the University College Testing Services and Programs.