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Banner Self-Service 9 Upgrade

Ellucian Banner Self-Service 9 (SSB9)
(Enhanced capabilities for students, staff, and faculty)

What’s New with Banner Self-Service 9

  • Ellucian Banner 9 allows for a one stop destination for faculty, staff, and students, as well as service areas such as Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Human Resources, Finance, etc.
  • This new release delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the student, HR and Finance modules (changed from functions).
  • It will give greater flexibility to run Banner on any browser and on tablets.
  • It offers a fresh look and feel and more user-friendly.
  • Most of the feedback that other institutions have provided indicates that getting used to the new interface and navigation takes minimal effort.

Faculty and Advisor Self-Service within Banner Student

Faculty members can perform everyday class tasks using self-service functionality.  They have designed an intuitive, responsive, mobile user experience that streamlines administrative management and accommodates the daily needs and experiences of faculty members.

*Universities saw a significant decrease in call volume regarding registration issues*

  • Advising Functionality lets advisors easily view their students’ academic details in a succinct profile view, helping them advise students in real time with timely academic insight. Complementing this functionality is Ellucian Degree Works™, which lets advisors seamlessly link degree auditing information together and propose courses for their advisees.
  • Attendance Tracking offers faculty an easy tool for documenting student attendance, improving accuracy, and saving time for the registrar and financial aid officers.
  • Class Roster lets faculty review their students’ academic profiles and schedules, communicate with students over email, print class rosters, and more.
  • Faculty Grade Entry offers faculty mobile capability for entering assignment grades and posting midterm, final, and incomplete grades. The application can then automatically compute final grades. To make things even easier, faculty can also import grades directly from their existing spreadsheets or their learning management system.

Student Self-Service within Banner Student

  • Student Profile consolidates a student’s information and academic progress in one view. Advisors share the same view, allowing for truly personalized advice to help students make better academic decisions.
  • Registration provides an intuitive tool to help students prepare for current and future registration by allowing them to craft multiple scenarios and plan ahead. It also includes seamless integration with Ellucian Degree Works, advisor access, and registration planning via Student Education Planner. Feature-rich Registration includes:
    • Course Catalog - showing all courses offered by your institution.
    • Class Schedule - to help students plan the best schedules to meet their needs.
    • Registration Status - so students can view holds, priority registration details, and other key information.
    • Plan Ahead - so students can easily determine what courses are required to graduate.
  • Student Account allows students to view, manage, and pay institutional charges, as well as keep track of their tax documents.
  • View Grades lets students view their academic progress. Advisors and faculty can also view a student’s academic progress.
  • Transcript Management allows students to view an unofficial transcript and request official transcripts.
  • Enrollment Verification lets students request enrollment verification for third parties.
  • Degree Audit allows students to view their academic progress via CAPP or Degree Works, informing their planning for future terms.
  • Graduation Application allows students to submit their applications for graduation.

Finance Self-Service within Banner Finance

The finance team can get the data, insight, and reporting they need with Finance Self-Service. They have designed these tools to help financial officers & administrators across the institution create, track, and manage departmental budgets.

  • My Finance Query offers quick views of spend analysis through an intuitive, visually appealing dashboard and lets users save favorite queries and share queries for collaboration.
  • My Journals lets users process any type of journal voucher, whether for a budget, encumbrance, or actual transaction. Users can copy, reverse, and delete journal vouchers, as well as view, search, and manage their journal vouchers using an intuitive dashboard.
  • My Requisitions enables faster procurement of products and services with an updated, intuitive user experience and dashboard where users can view their requisitions in all stages.
  • Approvals gives users an at-a-glance view of the finance documents in their approval queue.
  • Budget Development gives administrators the tools they need to develop an operating budget.

General Self-Service within Banner General

Banner General provides functionality to support all departments across campus. Management of these applications is designed to empower administrators and staff across the institution to solve departmental needs.

  • Action Item Processing lets administrators configure, maintain, and add action items to specific groups within Banner. From emergency contact forms to open house registrations, administrators can self-manage the distribution and collection of key documents from their constituents.
  • Personal Information gives users the ability to create, update, and delete personal information so they can keep their biographic and demographic information up to date.
  • Proxy Access lets students designate their parents or guardians as proxy users, allowing them access to information like schedules, midterm and final grades, account summaries, and financial aid awards. Proxies can simply log in via email.  (launch date Spring 2024)
  • Communication Management allows your administrative users to create, send, and manage communications— such as financial aid award letters and registration reminders—to their constituents via email, mobile, or letter. Communication Management enables users to schedule both one-time and recurring communications, as well as track communications and interactions.