Students should view internships as an expected collegiate experience. Increasingly, organizations are expecting graduates to bring experience to the table (even starting as early as college first-year students).  In order to compete at the highest level, the internship provides an opportunity for the student to gain technical experience, as well as ex. e career options available.  Some departments at DSU require internships through student teaching, clinical experiences, practicums, etc. Some departments include nursing, education, movement science, social work, and mass communications, to name a few. However, all students, no what classification you are, should seek internship experience.

The Office of Career Services/Pathways connects student to employers for internships in several ways. Our online Get-Hired system, powered by Symplicity, allows students to build their own professional profile and post their resume to apply for available opportunities. Networking events such as Information Sessions, Brown Bagging It, Career Pathways Expos, informational road trips, classroom presentations and other events all students to market themselves and apply for internship opportunities.

Please begin your Career Path by visiting Get-Hired.

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