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DSU Downtown Q&A

Question 1: What is DSU Downtown?
DSU Downtown is the nearly acquired campus for Delaware State University. It is located in the heart of downtown Dover on what was formerly the campus of Wesley College. The address is 120 N. State Street.

Question 2: What programs, offices and services are located there?
The DSU Office of Strategic Initiatives is located at the College Center at DSU Downtown. Also in the College Center you will find dining facilities, the University Call Center and the WellRec Game Room (aka “The Underground”). Regarding academic programs, DSU Downtown is home to the Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. At the downtown location, undergraduate programs are offered in Exercise Science, Psychology, Public Health and Social Work. Graduate programs are offered in Occupational Therapy and Social Work. The Nursing Program is located in Johnston Hall. The Dean’s Office is located in the College Center, and faculty offices are located in Budd Hall and Johnston Hall.

Question 3: I have classes at the Main Campus and at DSU Downtown. Is transportation provided? 
Yes, there is shuttle service between the Main Campus, DSU Downtown and Johnston Hall. 

Question 4: I have some classes in Johnston Hall.  Where is that located?
Johnston Hall is located at 300 S. New Street in Dover. Parking is available at that location.

Question 5: How many students are housed at DSU Downtown?
Fall 2021 approximately 150 students were housed at DSU Downtown. Starting in Fall 2022 we expect to house approximately 600 students.

Question 6: Are you virtual or in-person?
The Office of Strategic Initiatives, operating under the leadership Dr. Stacy Downing, is in-person. The Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences has faculty and staff operating in different modalities. Please contact the specific department for information regarding their hours and modality of operation.

Question 7: I was told that several offices are in the College Center. Where is that?
The H.B. duPont College Center is centrally located on the DSU Downtown campus between Governors and State Streets on the east and west, and between Cecil and Fulton Streets on the north and south. Dulaney Hall is attached to the Center on its left and the Robert Parker Library is attached to the Center on its right.

Question 8: Is there a map of DSU Downtown? 
Yes. View the DSU Downtown campus map.

Question 9: Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?
It depends on the area of concern. Primary points of contact for different areas are posted under important contacts.