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Military/Veteran Students

For the past six years, Delaware State University has received the Military Friendly® School award. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated Office of Veteran Affairs coordinator with military experience who can help guide your transition from military life to college student. 

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New certification system for Veterans (Enrollment Manager) will premiere on 3/6/2023. Certifications will begin again on 3/6/2023.

Please use this link to certify your attendance with the VA to receive your monthly stipend - https://gibill.va.gov/wave/index.do (wave application).

Intern Opportunities

VA and GI Bill® Benefits 

Delaware State University offers excellent educational benefits to our military and veteran students, including:

  • Every Veteran student is eligible to receive In-State Tuition. You will need to fill out the in-state application on our website @ desu.edu. You are also required to email a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to registrardocs [at] desu.edu right after you submit your in-state application
  • Every Veteran student will need to call 1-888-442-4551 at the beginning of every semester you are certified for to verify your enrollment at Delaware State University. This is mandatory in order to receive any money for your education. 
  • Six elective credits based on their discharge papers (eligible and enrolled students).
  • In-state tuition for active duty military students and National Guard and Reserve members who are stationed in Delaware. Authorized military dependents are eligible to receive In-state tuition.
  • In-state tuition is eligible for Chapters 30,31,32,33,35 and 1606 with a Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Recognition of the American Council on Education-recommended college credits for professional military education, training courses and occupational experience of service members and veterans. 
  • Coordination of vocational, educational and professional counseling, evaluation of abilities and aptitudes, tutoring and rehabilitative services, and VA Work-Study opportunities available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you’re eligible or have eligible dependents, Delaware State University’s Office of Veterans Affairs can give you the personal attention you may need to manage and administer education benefit programs, including:

  • Active Duty
  • Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill®*
  • Yellow Ribbon Program**
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Selected Reserves
  • Survivors and Dependents Educational Benefits

* Under the Post 9/11 program, eligible military students attending DSU’s VA-approved Flight School may currently receive up to $10,970 in tuition and fees per academic year.

** DSU matches VA up to 50 percent of unmet out-of-state tuition and fee charges for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students eligible for Yellow Ribbon.