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Student Success FAQs

What is the purpose of the Office of Student Success?

The purpose of the Office of Student Success is to enhance your college journey at Delaware State University! Our central focus is to help you establish a strong collegiate academic foundation that will enable you to persist and progress toward becoming a competitive graduate of DSU.

When can I start enjoying the benefits of OSS services?

Right away! You have access to OSS services starting on the first day of your first year. We are devoted to enhancing your college journey for the first year and beyond at Delaware State University! 

What are the benefits of participating in the Office of Student Success?

As a student affiliated with the Office of Student Success, we want you to take a personal responsibility for your educational journey. You will be taught how to navigate campus-wide resources efficiently, how to resolve issues related to your coursework, and how to be a strong self-advocate and champion for your own academic success. The Office of Student Success is dedicated to helping you with your transition to college.

What services are available through the Office of Student Success?

The Office of Student Success is designed to help you achieve high academic goals by providing academic advisement, integrated academic program support services (i.e. tutoring, writing and math help), college-skill enhancement courses that will promote your academic, career, and leadership development.

Where do I find information about the services or resources available to me?

You can begin by clicking on DSU’s Office of Student Success website to see all the services and resources available to you.

What academic services are offered and where are they located?

Housed on the 2nd floor of the William C. Jason Library is academic advisement, Student Accessibility Services and The Honors Program, as well as Integrated Academic Support Services that include information on mentoring, tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, academic workshops, The Writing Studio, and The Quantitative Reasoning Center. Library Services are located on the 1st floor of the William C. Jason Library. 

I have a documented disability and need accommodations for my classes. Is this service under the Office of Student Success?

Yes. Center for Disability Resources. Here, you can request accommodations and submit your most recent documentation of your disability.

How do I stay actively engaged with the Office of Student Success and my overall college experience?

Research has revealed that students who are actively engaged in both curricular and co-curricular activities perform better in their course work, tend to complete their degrees in 4 years or less, and are more competitive for graduate or professional school and marketable employment. Therefore, we encourage you to seek out opportunities and plan to get involved in Learning Communities, service learning, and undergraduate research. Such opportunities will enhance your overall academic experience.