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Students interested in joining the ROTC program can get started by contacting the recruiting operations officer or by signing up for the military science class.

  Spring Fall
Freshmen MLSC101 MLSC102
Sophomore MLSC201 MLSC202

The Four-Year Program

Students at Delaware State University, through a Cross-Enrollment Agreement with the University of Delaware, have the opportunity to earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon completion of the military science program and baccalaureate degree requirements. The four-year program consists of the completion of eight semester courses, totaling 12 credits, and one summer encampment. Courses at the 100 and 200 level are open electives to freshmen and sophomores. These courses are offered on the campus of Delaware State University. A military obligation is incurred only if the student contracts for commission during the last two years and receives pay.

The Two-year Program

The two-year program is designed to provide sophomores and juniors who have not completed the first two years of military science the opportunity to qualify for advanced ROTC and to obtain a commission. The student has at least two years of full-time academic status remaining to qualify. As a prerequisite, the student must complete a six-week summer basic camp. Students are paid while attending this camp. Military veterans generally qualify automatically for the two-year program. All Army ROTC courses are offered at Delaware State University. 

Advanced Camp

The ROTC student desiring to receive a commission must successfully complete a six week summer encampment, normally between the junior and senior years. This camp allows the student to apply, in a totally military environment, those leadership and technical skills studied on campus. Students are provided uniforms, food, lodging and medical care at no cost and are paid during this period.

Helicopter Flight Training Program

The Helicopter Flight Training Program (HFTP) is an Army scholarship that trains select Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets at Delaware State University to fly helicopters during college while laying the foundation to be future Army aviators. Along with flight certifications, cadets receive premier leadership training. HFTP can pay for your full college tuition, full flight fees, provide a monthly stipend, and allow for full-time and part-time career options.

Pay and Allowance

ROTC students contracting for a commission during the junior and senior years receive a subsistence allowance of $420 per academic month. Obligation: Up to three years of active duty (full-time employment) and five years of reserve duty (one weekend per month and an annual two-week encampment), or eight years of reserve duty in the National Guard or Reserve Components, upon receipt of a commission.

Army ROTC Scholarship

Two, three, and four year scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and leadership potential. Scholarships pay full tuition and mandatory fees, $1,200 per year for books and supplies for ROTC Scholarship Contracted Cadets, and $420 (increases each academic year) subsistence allowance per academic month. Obligation: Up to four years of active duty (full-time employment) and four years of reserve duty (one weekend per month and an annual two-week encampment), or eight years of reserve duty in the National Guard or Reserve Components, upon receipt of a commission. A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified students who desire a commission in the Army Reserve or National Guard.

Academic Delay

ROTC graduates may apply for a delay from entry on active duty for the purpose of obtaining an additional academic degree.