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Campus Ministries

Alpha Nu Omega

This organization offers a lifestyle that is “joyous, satisfying and rewarding.”  The emphasis is on the joy found in worshiping and serving God.  This organization meets weekly for study, discussions, and fellowship.

Baptist Student Union

This organization is sponsored by the Baptist church but is open to all that wish to participate.  This organization conducts prayer services, praise and Bible study, revivals, mission trips, and various other activities.  Members participate in the Annual National Baptist Student Retreat.

Catholic Campus Ministries

The purpose of this organization is to uplift the Catholic community on Delaware State University’s campus.  This will be done through various activities, which include, worship services, guest speakers, and revivals.  Weekly meeting are held and are open to all student who wish to attend.

F.O.R.C.E. Ministries

F.O.R.C.E. Ministries stands for Focusing on Renewing Christ-like Existence. F.O.R.C.E. is a real, relevant, and relatable ministry where we help the students experience the love of Christ.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

This organization meets for prayer and devotions weekly, and is open to all that wish to participate. This is a “Christ” centered organization, which is Bible based, spirituality nurturing, and stresses the value of participation in a church congregation.  The organization seeks to present athletes, coaches, and those whom they influence with the challenge and adventure of receiving Christ as Savior and serving Him through the FCA and the Church.

Gospel Choir

The DSU Gospel Choir provides a spiritual outlet for students to learn about the fundamentals of music and about the evolution or gospel music.  The members of the choir perform a variety of concerts, both, on and off campus.  The choir participates in at least one annual tour (usually the Atlanta National Gospel Workshop and Competition).  Participation is open to all students who seek spiritual inspiration in song.

Muslim Fellowship

This club meets once per week for prayers, study, and fellowship.  The weekly meeting is open to all students who wish to participate.  The purpose of the organization is to empower the Muslim community on the campus of Delaware State University through various activities.

Student Against A Godless Society

This organization seeks to give Christian students an outlet on Delaware State University’s campus. This outlet consists of biblical teachings and community service.  Other activities include weekly church services for all interested students of the University, campus ministries, and food and clothing drives.  The organization encourages students to make positive lifestyle choices by setting good examples of these choices.

United Campus Ministries

This club will provide a variety of religious and social programs and social programs for students at Delaware State University. These activities will include Bible study, worship, discussion groups, retreats, conferences, and fellowship. The purpose is to promote social and recreational activities for interested students on DSU’s campus.  Membership is open to all full-time or part-time students at DSU, regardless of denominational affiliation or lack thereof.

Wesley Foundation

All programs are open to all that wish to participate, regardless of denomination, church affiliation, or lack thereof.  This organization holds weekly Bible studies, discussion and fellowship.  Members of this organization attend the National Student Forum held annually, as well as other conferences and retreats.  This organization sponsors the Listening Post Ministry and various other programs.

Whatcoat Praise Ministries

The purpose of this organization is to minister through servant leadership.  The organization offers innovative Christian programs.  Programs include; praise dance, speak outs (Contemporary Christian issues), and worship services.  This organization is open to all students with a desire of knowledge for a Christian lifestyle.