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DSU Braven Leadership and Career Accelerator (UNIV 291)

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A 3-credit course for DSU undergraduate sophomores and transfer juniors

The DSU-Braven Career Leadership Accelerator (UNIV 291) is a 3 credit course, designed to prepare undergraduate students for the competitive, globalized job marketplace.

During UNIV 291, undergraduate students are immersed in a vibrant learning environment that gives you the roadmap and tools to channel your ambition and hard work. Undergraduate students will:

  • Develop the skills necessary to land your dream job: working in teams, networking & communicating, self-driven leading, problem-solving, and operating & managing
  • Build a professional portfolio to land a career-accelerating internship, graduate school placement, or quality job.
  • Expand your professional network and build community on campus: The course provides various opportunities for undergraduate students to connect with like-minded peers, employers and a strong alumni network.
  • Put your learning into practice throughout the course: Undergraduate students have ample opportunities to build upon what they’re learning to gain confidence–whether through mock interviews or a Capstone Challenge, where you engage in solving a real-world problem for an employer.

Learn more about Braven at: https://braven.org/

Braven Impact

  • Join a growing national network of 7,400 Fellows who you can connect with and lean on for professional connections.
  • Discover more internship opportunities. Compared with graduates nationally, Braven 2022 graduates were 20 percentage points more likely to have at least one internship or similar career-accelerating experience during college.
  • Start your career strong. 75% of Braven graduates make more in their first job out of college than either of their parents did at the same age. On average, Braven Fellows experience an uplift of $15K in annual earnings in their first job compared with peers nationally.
  • 2022-2023 Braven graduates have achieved a 91% six-year on-time graduation rate.

What Braven Fellows are saying across the network

Kelsey Henderson “Braven prepared me for my internships by further developing my professional readiness. Through my time with Braven, I was able to hone my career skills and materials in preparation for future opportunities like my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I learned that I was capable of working in my desired industry.”

Spring 2022 Fellow
Kelsey Henderson
Spelman College
Narrative Production Intern, Lemonada Media

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Thahmid Ahmed“Braven has fortified my teamwork, resume, and communication skills. Leveraging these cornerstones, I’m resolute in my pursuit of growth by embracing adaptability, leadership, personal branding, feedback, and cultural awareness.”

Fall 2022 Fellow
Thahmid Ahmed
Lehman College
Fellow, Bronx Recovery Corps

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Cynthia Crillo“Braven equipped me with the skills, confidence, and networks essential for successfully navigating the job search and securing a fulfilling first job at Barclays. Their comprehensive programming and personalized support empowered me to effectively highlight my strengths and make a lasting impression on potential employers. Furthermore, Braven’s emphasis on professional development and leadership has prepared me to thrive and excel in my role at Barclays.”

Spring 2021 Fellow
Cynthia Crillo
Rutgers University-Newark
Loan Servicing Analyst, Barclays Chief Operating Office

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Who is eligible to take the course?

For the Spring 2024 semester, up to 125 DSU sophomores or transfer juniors can elect to enroll in the Braven Accelerator program.

Starting Fall 2024, most sophomores will take the Braven Career and Leadership Accelerator course as part of their general education requirements.

Sophomores and juniors majoring in nursing, aviation, social work, and education are not required to take the course but are welcome to register.

Transfer juniors are also welcome to register for the course.

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To learn more about the UNIV 291, send an email to: dsu [at] bebraven.og

Ready to register? Contact your advisor or email dsu [at] bebraven.org