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Honors Program

DSU Honors Students

Our Honors Program Empowers Exceptional Students

We want you to strive to be your best. For this reason, we have designed our Honors Program to challenge students with exceptional intellectual ability, motivation and commitment by offering new levels of academic excellence in scholarship and creativity. An integral component of our Living-Learning Communities, DSU’s Honors Program is a tight-knit community of talented individuals who engage in traditional and interactive classroom environments. This standup program imparts the necessary knowledge and experiences you need to stand out with employers — along with graduate and professional schools.

Goals of the Honors Program:

  • To provide talented and motivated students opportunities for intellectual growth and achievement, in small, challenging classes that encourage active intellectual participation, discussion and collaboration in the search for knowledge (SLO I);
  • To enhance student skills for analytical/critical thinking, logical examination and appraisal of ideas (SLO II);
  • To enhance student skills for problem solving and decision making (SLO III);
  • To enhance student skills for clear, precise, coherent and persuasive oral  communication (SLO IV) and written communication (SLO V);
  • To engage students in the creative process of formulating a hypothesis, researching those problems and drawing conclusions that lead to either original classroom assignments or larger faculty-mentored research projects resulting in contributions of scholarly work to each student’s chosen field of study (SLO VI);
  • To prepare honors students through experience with department-based honors courses, interdisciplinary colloquia and seminars, and independent study and research
  • To ensure its students academic success (SPO I),
  • To ensure its students earn Honors Program Graduate Certification (SPO II), and
  • To prepare its students for graduate and professional schools (SPO III).

SLO = Student Learning Outcomes, SPO = Student Performance Outcome

Application for Honors Admission

To apply to the Delaware State University Honors Program, you must complete the main online application, and complete the Honors Program requirements described here, in full, and submit to the Honors Program address below.


  • Incoming First-Year Students: April 15
  • Transfer and Continuing Students: Prior to 1st semester junior year
  • Note: Application for Honors Housing: May 1

Admission into the Honors Program requires:

  1. Regular admission to Delaware State University without conditions;
  2. A GPA of 3.25 or higher;
  3. An SAT combined score of at least 1050 in Mathematics and Critical Reading, with at least 450 in each section; OR an ACT composite score of at least 22 in Mathematics and Critical Reading;
  4. Approval of the DSU Honors Program.

Application materials required:

  1. Completion of the main online application.
  2. Official high school and/or college transcripts.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from two (2) high school or college instructors. (Recommendation Form)
  4. A typed essay of 400 – 600 words, explaining why you wish to be admitted into the Honors Program.
  5. A list of academic and extracurricular achievements/awards.

Mail application materials to:

DSU Honors Program
Delaware State University
Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center, Suite 325
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901