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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are counseling sessions done in person or through telehealth? Students can choose to come to the center to receive services in person or they can choose to receive services through telehealth. To receive counseling through telehealth the student must be in Delaware when they are receiving the services virtually.
  • Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk-in and be seen immediately? Students can call (302.857.7381) or email (counseling [at] desu.edu) or walk-in to schedule an appointment. Many times, we are able to schedule a student for the same day. Any student who enters the center in crisis will be seen immediately.
  • Who is eligible to use the Counseling Center? All currently registered students are eligible for our services.
  • What services are provided to eligible students? The Counseling Center offers short-term individual counseling as well as group counseling. In addition, students can take advantage of workshops conducted by the staff on topics such as stress management, healthy relationships, mindfulness, MBTI, and test anxiety.
  • Will I have to pay or use my health insurance to use the Counseling Center? The Counseling Center’s services are free to all eligible students.
  • Do you have a psychiatrist on staff that can provide medication? The Counseling Center does not have a psychiatric provider but can help students connect to an outside provider to receive a medication evaluation and medication management.
  • Can the counselors write a letter of support for me to obtain an emotional support animal? No. The Counseling Center does not provide letters of support for students requesting emotional support animals. Counselors can help students connect with community providers who can provide such letters.
  • I’m worried about a friend who is having a hard time. What should I do? Students are welcome to schedule to meet with a counselor if they have concerns about a friend or family member so the counselor can help them to identify ways to assist the friend or family member.
  • Will anyone have to know that I come to the Counseling Center? Any contacts with the Counseling Center are protected by laws governing confidentiality and the practice of counseling. Information related to a student’s contacts with the center would only be shared with someone with the written authorization of the student or in situations where there is risk of harm to someone which can include risk of harm to self or others or in cases of suspected child abuse or where otherwise directed by law. Even if a student is referred to the Counseling Center by a faculty/staff member or family member, the Counseling Center cannot confirm or deny if a student has followed through with the referral and made an appointment with the Counseling Center if the referring person contacts the center and inquires.
  • What if I want to speak with a counselor when the center is closed? All DSU students have access to our 24-hour DSU student hotline which is 855.748.1249.