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Reach 2026 Strategic Plan

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A strategic plan provides a roadmap for an organization.  As stated by our President, Dr. Tony Allen, “REACH 2026 rededicates Delaware State University to our focus on the whole student in terms of Student Success and Academic Excellence, while acknowledging that we can only achieve our objectives by transforming our Operational Excellence, Infrastructure, and Financial Health.”  This plan, developed under the leadership of Dr. Stacy Downing, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, will lay the foundation for the university to take its next bold steps into the future.  In the future, information will be posted on this site regarding key metrics and how those metrics will be assessed and evaluated.

Reach 2026 Strategic Plan - Full Plan

Strategic Pillars

Pillar Strategic Pillars Dashboards
1 Student Success Pillar 1 Dashboard
2 Academic Excellence Pillar 2 Dashboard
3 Operational Effectiveness Pillar 3 Dashboard
4 Infrastructure Enhancement Pillar 4 Dashboard
5 Financial Health Pillar 5 Dashboard

Strategic Planning Team

REACH 2026 Core Committee

  • Dr. Stacy Downing, Lead, Chief Administrator/Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
  • Dr. Terrell Holmes, Co-Lead, Strategic Initiatives
  • Ms. Wanda Anderson, Strategic Enrollment and Student Affairs
  • Ms. Christina Chiazor, Athletics
  • Dr. Francine Edwards, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
  • Ms. Diaese Graves, Business and Finance
  • Ms. Monica Hall, Risk Management
  • Dr. Irene Hawkins, Chief Administrative Officer/Vice President, Human Resources
  • Dr. Von Homer, Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences  
  • Mr. Vaughn Hopkins, Institutional Research, Planning and Analytics
  • Dr. Marsha Horton, Strategic Initiatives
  • Ms. Dawn Howard-Bailey, Human Resources
  • Dr. Schentel Jones, Housing and Residential Education
  • Dr. Eleanor Kiesel, Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences 
  • Dr. Robert Mason, Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Alex Meredith, College of Agriculture and Related Sciences
  • Ms. Henrietta Savage, Institutional Advancement
  • Ms. Jarso Saygbe, Office of Student Success
  • Ms. Pia Stokes, Legislative Analyst
  • Ms. Andrea Wilson, Information Technology


Pillar Subcommittees

Academic Excellence

  • Dr. Eleanor Kiesel, Lead
  • Dr. Tana Connell 
  • Dr. Joseph Fees 
  • Dr. Cara Gomez 
  • Dr. Amy Habeger 
  • Dr. Von Homer
  • Dr. Schentel Jones
  • Dr. Rachel Pulverman
  • Dr. Megan Rothermel 
  • Dr. Amber Ward​​​​​​

Student Success

  • Ms. Jarso Saygbe, Lead
  • Dr. Cassandra Green, Co-lead
  • Mr. Terry Bankston 
  • Dr. Phyllis Collins
  • Ms. Danielle Craig
  • Dr. Robert Mason
  • Ms. Sonya McCray
  • Ms. Christine McDermott
  • Mr. Kareem McLemore


Operational Effectiveness

  • Ms. Pia Stokes, Lead
  • Dr. Wanda Anderson  
  • Ms. Beverly Brown
  • Mr. Troy Darden
  • Dr. Francine Edwards  
  • Dr. Alex Meredith 
  • Ms. Antonette Todd (Post-Doc student; AGRI)
  • Dr. Timothy Yancy

Infrastructure Enhancement

  • Ms. Monica Hall, Lead
  • Ms. Christina Chiazor 
  • Mr. Matthew Fortune 
  • Mr. Bernard Pratt 
  • Lt. Joi Simmons 
  • Ms. Salina Spencer 
  • Ms. Andrea Wilson 
  • Mr. Curtis Winslow 
  • Mr. Khalid Zerrad

Financial Health

  • Ms. Diaese Graves, Lead
  • Dr. Marsha Horton, Co-Lead
  • Ms. Tonya A Cardwell
  • Ms. Dawn M. Davis
  • Dr. Melissa Harrington
  • Dr. Dawn Howard-Bailey
  • Mr. Kareem McLemore
  • Ms. Henrietta Savage
  • Ms. Lucie S. Stairs