Club Sports

Student-initiated, student-run physically active and body movement-based organizations are competitive and/or recreational in nature.


  • Governed by an external body of legislation.
  • Seeks outside competition and affiliation with a conference or league.
  • Eligibility requirements are set forth by league.
  • May or may not be governed by an external body of legislation
  • Participates in external competition
  • May or may not have roster constraints set forth by a governing body
  • Budgetary needs
  • Complexity of schedule


  • For purpose of skill refinement and recreational health
  • Does not participate in extramural competition

Approval/Application Process

Students come in to WRC and show initial interest in starting a club sport. Prior to completing any paperwork or forms, students wanting to form a new Club Sport at DSU must set up an initial club interest meeting with the Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator. At this initial interest meeting, the possibility of recognition, eligibility factors, and criteria requirements of a potential new Club Sport will be discussed.

Before the Club Sport is official the participants must complete and submit all of the following:

  • Club Name
  • Board Members – Name, email and telephone number of the organization’s President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If a new organization has not held elections, two members must take interim responsibility for that position until such time that the organization elects a President. (President must include both her/his home and campus addresses and phone number(s)).
  • Advisor – The Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator will advise all sport clubs.
  • Team Member Information – A list of all club members. To be recognized as an active
  • Club Sports team – There must be at least 10 active members for the upcoming year.
  • Club Constitution – A copy of the club’s constitution and by-laws, which should include detailed information on the official regulatory body and any other rules, regulations, descriptions of board member and/or requirements that may apply to the club.
  • Equipment Listing – A complete listing of all equipment necessary for the club to operate.
  • Budget Proposal – A copy of the club’s proposed budgetary needs. This should include an itemized list of anticipated field fees, travel expenses, equipment, team apparel, trainer fees, referee fees, league fees, and any other expenses that may need to be considered prior to the approval.
  • Complete OSLA New Students Organization application form. Form is then submitted by the Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator to OSLA.

Current Club Sports

  • Soccer, Co-ed Lacrosse, Ju-Jitsu, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Flag Football