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Articulation Agreements

The University has Articulation agreements with selected regionally accredited two-year institutions. The intent of the articulation agreement is to facilitate the smooth transfer of students enrolled in a degree program or associate degree graduates to the upper (junior) level of corresponding major programs at Delaware State University. The basic terms of the Articulation require that the associate degree graduates meet the following admission standards:

  • Complete an associate degree with a minimum of 60 semester hours, exclusive of developmental coursework and ‘D’ coursework.
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale as calculated by the transfer college.
  • Follow the appropriate program of study as agreed upon by both Delaware State University and the transfer college.
  • The associate degree holder will not be required to take college entrance exams (neither SAT, nor ACT) prior to transfer to Delaware State University.

In order to complete the baccalaureate degree, a student who transfers under this agreement may be required to take no more than 68 additional credits unless:

  • The student changes his/her program upon entering Delaware State University.
  • The combination of additional General Education Requirements, if any, and the requirements of the student’s major at Delaware State University totals more than 68 credits.

Under the terms of the articulation agreement, transfer students will be subject to the same requirements as “native” students unless waived. Native students refers to students who began their undergraduate education at Delaware State University.