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International Programs

International students at DSU

Office of International Affairs 

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) at DSU helps create mutually beneficial international partnerships with higher education institutions as well as with public and private sector agencies and organizations. These partnerships encompass programs for international students and for students interested in studying abroad. The OIA works to make DSU a destination for international students while simultaneously finding destinations abroad for current students and brings a global perspective into the teaching, research and study abroad programs of the institution.

The OIA, along with the Exchange Visitor’s Program, assists the academic deans’ departmental goals of strengthening globally significant teaching and research capability. DSU invited J-1 Visa research professors, postdoctoral fellows, research scholars, student non-degree and short-term scholars from 12 countries from our partnering institutions. The OIA partly coordinates Fulbright Programs and other international activities that add to DSU’s research and intellectual foundation.

Under the Office of International Affairs, the Office of International Student Services (OISS) provides assistance to all international students with nonimmigrant status (F-1 Visa). The University enrolls international students on F-1 Visas from more than 30 countries each academic year. The OISS is committed to ensuring that international students have a rewarding experience as they pursue their academic and cultural goals at DSU.

The OIA/OISS offers the following services to international students/scholars:

  • Financial, academic, social and personal matters
  • Advising on immigration rules, regulations and responsibilities
  • Campus and community activities
  • Cultural concerns
  • Preparation and processing of immigration documents
  • An orientation for new international students and scholars
  • Coordinate and assist faculty, staff and student organizations to plan and organize international experiences such as International Education Week and Round Table Discussions
  • Information on medical insurance for exchange and international students as well as study abroad participants

Visit our resources and forms page for the forms and guides you will need as an international or study abroad student.

Study Abroad Programs 

Expand your horizons and immerse yourself in diverse cultures by participating in one of our Study Abroad Programs. Studying abroad allows you to experience unique cultures, expand your world knowledge and boost your self-confidence and independence. Studying abroad is one of many ways to get the most out of your time at DSU. Learn more about our current and past programs; you will likely find one that peaks your interest and discover the possibilities of studying abroad are real.

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Study Abroad in China at Dalian University of Technology - Spring 2020 or Summer 2020

    Delaware State University is offering students in any major an opportunity to study in China with free tuition, meals and housing! Students only pay for his/her round trip airfare (possible scholarship may cover roundtrip airfare). Students participating in this program can study Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 at Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China. Please review the below information if you are interested in studying abroad at DUT for Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 please visit the office of International Affairs, Grossley Hall, Room 115 from 9:00AM-3:30PM or email Candace Alphonso Moore at cmoore [at] desu.edu, subject line: Dalian University of Technology. For those students interested in attending for Spring 2020 you must submit your application on or before Friday, 12/13/19.  After submitting your application please visit the Records Office and pick up the Approval to Transfer Credit Form, this form must be completed by you and your advisor to select the courses you will take in China and have transferred to DSU. (This is an extremely important step in the application process).  The DUT semester is from 2/24/20 until Mid-June.  Students reside on-campus in the university dormitories. You can visit the campus on line at www.dlut.edu.cn and visit travel.state.gov for more information about China. If you will need a passport please visit our website at: https://www.desu.edu/academics/international-programs/resources-forms or your local Post Office. You will also need a Chinese visa for your trip abroad; we can assist you with this during or before the week of January 6, 2020.

    For those interested in Summer, complete the application, submit it on or before 1/31/20.

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