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Incident Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the policy for checking IDs?
    Delaware State University Campus Police may conduct ID checks at any time and this practice may vary based on campus security needs.  If a student does not have their DSU-issued ID, officers will call dispatch to verify that the student is currently enrolled.  There may be times when an ID check is not necessary if campus security is familiar with the individual requesting entry at the Welcome Center.
  2. What is the current active shooter plan?
    Delaware State University follows the Department of Homeland Security’s active shooter protocol.  The current active shooter plan can be found on the DSU PD webpage along with a reference video regarding active shooter situations.
  3. How do we find out information about campus shootings/violence?
    Please refer to the Daily Crime and Fire Log.
  4. How is the campus secured at night?
    Gates 2 and 3 are locked after hours (after 5 p.m. Monday – Friday), and Campus Police patrol the campus on foot and by police vehicle.
  5. Is there a student escort system?
    To arrange for escorts, contact DSU Police at 302.857.7911, and an officer will be dispatched to your location. Students should avoid walking alone at night. The University strongly recommends walking in a group or taking the University shuttle, when possible. If those options are not available, call the DSU Police Department for an escort.
  6. What security is being provided for the Downtown Campus?
    Members of the Campus Police executive team have offices located on the Downtown Campus.  A sergeant is assigned to and responsible for coordinating activities, and security officers are assigned to patrol the Downtown Campus.
  7. What type of crime prevention features are on campus?
    DSU PD utilizes a community policing model when providing its services to the campus, ensuring that officers are visible, engaged and interacting with our community.  The department also utilizes a video surveillance system to monitor conditions on campus.  DSU PD is part of the larger local law enforcement community and regularly partners with other agencies which is an important component of DSU’s law enforcement strategy.

    The Campus Shield app, which offers several safety and security features, is also available to members of our campus community.

    Please visit the DSU PD webpage for more information.

  8. Will there be patrols stationed at gate entry/exit points?
    Campus Police patrol entry/exit points on foot and in police vehicles.
  9. What is the notification process when there is an incident on campus?
    The DSU Emergency Alert system enables the University to provide notification of any potential or actual emergency/threat that may exist – whether it is a weather event, an environmental mishap such as a chemical leak, a fire, a safety threat, or any other type of emergency. In the case of emergency, DSU has the capability to contact community members to inform them regarding what has transpired and what precautions are in place.
  10. How is the zero-tolerance policy on drug use being enforced on all Delaware State University campuses?
    Delaware State University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug use on campus.  Residence life staff has the authority to address violations of University policy, while Campus Police can address violations of State law.
  11. Can you address any reports of a sexual assault/assault on campus?
    Information regarding campus crime statistics can be found in the Daily Crime and Fire Log.

    The University is obligated by both State and Federal law to respond to incidents of sexual assault and has certain obligations to maintain confidentiality.  For more information regarding DSU’s State law obligations related to responding to sexual assault incidents, please refer to 14 Del. C. §§ 9001A — 9007A.

    In 2021, DSU conducted a thorough review of all policies regarding sexual misconduct and institutional support services for survivors.  For more information regarding the University’s policies related to sexual misconduct incidents, please review our Non-discrimination, Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct & Title IX Policy.

  12. Does Delaware State University Police patrol the campus throughout the day and how is foot traffic monitored?
    Campus Police patrol the campus on foot and in police vehicles.

    Confidential reporting of suspicious activity can be reported anonymously to the Tip Line at 302.857.7918.  There is also a silent witness form that can be submitted electronically.

    Students, parents, faculty, and staff can sign up for emergency notifications on the DSU PD emergency notifications webpage