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Return of Military Tuition Assistance

What happens if I drop or withdraw from a course while using military TA benefits?

If you’re utilizing TA to cover your education expenses and decide to drop a course before completing 60 percent of it, DSU is required to return any unused TA funds to the Department of Defense. Consequently, you might be liable to repay a portion of those funds.

What should I do before dropping or withdrawing from a course?

Prior to making any decisions, it’s crucial to connect with your military education counselor or education services officer (ESO). Also, reach out to DSU’s Office of Student Accounts to understand the possible impact of your decision on your military TA and any potential repayment obligations.

What are the repercussions of withdrawing from a course without meeting the 60 percent threshold?

If you withdraw from a course without reaching the 60 percent completion mark, you might not be entitled to the entire amount of TA you were initially granted. If TA funds need to be returned to the military, you’ll need to cover any remaining balances on your DSU student account.

For more information, please refer to the Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance Funds Policy.