Employee Fitness

Delaware State University’s Employee Fitness Program will be implemented as a promotional fitness incentive for Delaware State University employees.  Intended to generate more participation in daily health and fitness activities, the Employee Fitness Program will encourage employee involvement in The Department of Wellness and Recreation (WRC) programming, as well as prepare for a lifetime of fitness, wellness, and health.

    Goals of the Employee Fitness program

    • Promote involvement in WRC programs and community fitness opportunities.
    • Provide incentives for participation in programs and events.
    • Recognize commitment to total-person development.
    • Enhance individual preparation for a lifetime of fitness, wellness, health and recreation.

    Employee Fitness Program Rules

    • Open to ALL individuals currently employed at Delaware State University with a valid employee ID. If there are any changes that occur throughout the semester, the Fitness Managers must be notified.
    • Employees must meet the point system requirements in order for incentives to be acquired.
    • Employees must be registered in the program to be considered for any incentives.
    • Employees must keep accurately track and recorded their points via the online request form shown above.

    Point system

    Every employee will receive a point for each activity they participate in during the program.

    The procedure we will be using to track each employee(s) point is through an online database. We trust the employee to honestly fill out all the information on the Points Request Form before submitting to the WRC front desk.  An employee of the WRC will then enter each individual’s points into the database.

    Walks Circuit Training Equipment Orientation Lunch League Special Events
    1 pt/mile 3 points 2 points 3 points 8 points


    The point system is a way for the employees to track and be rewarded for their progress throughout the semester.  Reaching certain milestones will grant the opportunity for individuals to receive incentives for their accomplishments.

    Tier Incentive System

    • 10 points – Free Item from the Juice Bar
    • 25 points – WRC Goodie Bag Item
    • 50 points – WRC Spirit Gear Apparel
    • 75 points – Gift Certificate
    • 100 points – Free semester membership to the WRC


    • Sting 30 - An opportunity for employees to get a cardio workout through walking, jogging and running around our indoor track or our treadmills. Get up and get moving.
    • Lunch League - Employees can come and enjoy leisurely midday recreation with their colleagues with this activity. Play tennis, basketball or pickleball as a team or practice your skills individually.
    • Special events - Employees are allowed to have fun too. Come out and enjoy an event that is designated specifically for the employees of Delaware State University. Focused around health and wellness, the WRC will host an event sure to get your blood flowing, but keep you smiling at the same time. 
    • Equipment Orientations - Come and allow the WRC to give you an overview of the strength and cardio equipment that we have to offer. Our Fitness Managers have been properly trained to explain to you how to use the equipment safely and effectively. 
    • Circuit Training - Challenge yourself physically with a series of exercises designed to get your heart rate up and work your entire body. Our circuit training class combines aerobics with strength for a workout that will have you feeling like a new person when you leave. 


    • Who can participate in the Employee Fitness program?  The Employee Fitness Program is designed for all employees of Delaware State University with a valid Delaware State University employee ID.
    • How much does it cost to enroll in the Employee Fitness program?  This program is FREE and allows admission into the Wellness and Recreation Center during the designated hours.
    • What is the Employee Fitness Program? The Employee Fitness program provides a various selection of FREE activities geared towards encouraging employees to use the Wellness and Recreation Center.
    • When am I able to use the Wellness and Recreation Center? The employee fitness program has activities set for certain days and certain hours.  A schedule is available on the Delaware State University Department of Wellness and Recreation website as well as in the Wellness and Recreation Center on campus.  BECAUSE THE GOAL OF THE EMPLOYEE FITNESS PROGRAM ALLOWS EMPLOYEES TO OBTAIN A MEMBERSHIP, EMPLOYEES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE THE WRC OUTSIDE OF ALLOTTED EMPLOYEE FITNESS HOURS AND PROGRAMMING. KEEPING THE INTENSE FACULTY/STAFF SCHEDULE IN MIND, WE HAVE GIVEN A VARIETY OF HOURS FOR YOUR USE!
    • Where is the Wellness and Recreation Center? The Wellness and Recreation Center is located on the North side of campus adjacent to the Martin Luther King student center. It also connects to Memorial Hall gymnasium.
    • Who are the Fitness Managers? Edward Hurley and Thomas Dunn are the Fitness Managers.  Their office is located in the Wellness and Recreation center on the bottom floor in fitness room 112.
    • How many laps around the track is a mile? 8 laps = 1 mile
    • Why do I have to register? Registration for the employee fitness program allows the WRC team to track our participants and their progress through the program.
    • How do I register for the Employee Fitness Program? Registration for the employee fitness program can be done online.
    • How do I log my points in order to receive credit for my participation?  When you come to participate in an activity you must sign the physical sign in sheet.  After you complete an event you must go online to request points for participation. The Fitness Managers will verify your participation and award the points.
    1. To register you can use this link:  http://goo.gl/forms/gyaNOXmNDj
    2. To request your points you can use this link: http://goo.gl/forms/2pVxSpebvl