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Spiritual Life & University Chaplain

Mission Statement

In accordance with Delaware State University’s vision to serve a diverse student population with a broad range of programs, the Department of Spiritual Life & University Chaplain seeks to educate the whole person by advancing the values of integrity, justice, civility, and respect in a safe environment.


  • Provide students from diverse populations a welcoming environment and connections to campus resources.
  • Attend to the whole person through vibrant opportunities, addressing people of all faiths and cultures.
  • Help all students explore and define their identity, knowledge of self, spiritual wellness, and increase cultural awareness.
  • Provide training and resources to address discrimination, bias, misconceptions, and stereotypes in the Religious and Spiritual community.
  • Increase awareness of social issues and taking action in underserved communities. 

Goals Can Be Accomplished By:

  • Interfaith Services
  • Pastoral Care and Support
  • Gospel Church Services
  • Cultural Support
  • Offering of Liturgy and Sacraments
  • Mediation