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Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs at Delaware State University supports and complements the academic mission of the institution by promoting purposeful student engagement and considering all aspects of the student life experiences.  We are committed to educating and empowering students to become leaders of the future by developing them intellectually, socially, professionally, spiritually, and physically through implementation of best practices for the life cycle of a student from recruitment to career placement or graduate school. 

To fulfill our mission we will create a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment; provide quality programs and services to foster student learning outside of the classroom; build a sense of community that celebrates diversity; provide opportunities for leadership and professional development; promote civic and social responsibility; design the future of services to support student success.  As we look ahead toward a shared future, our division will continue to place students at the center of our work.  Through the expertise and motivation of our dedicated team, we are confident that Delaware State University students will reach self –identified echelons on success—both in and outside of the classroom.