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Academic Advisement Directory

College of Agriculture, Science & Technology (CAST)

Team Leader: Dr. Marcel Poe 

Majors Advisee 
Last Name
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering/Physics
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Resources
  • Food Science
  • Textiles & Apparel
A - C Dr. Leroy Hawkins
Email:  LHawkins [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7726
Office: Library - Room 214B
D - J Mr. Franck Yehiri
Email: FYehiri [at] desu.edu 
Phone: 302.857.3672
Office: Library - Room 214H
K - Q Mrs. Lynae Spratley
Email: LSpratley [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7349
Office: Library - Room 214J
R - Z Dr. Marcel Poe | Director
Email: MPoe [at] desu.edu 
Phone: 302.857.7984
Office: Library - Room 214I

College of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences (CHESS)

Team Leader: Dr. Carole Kpota-Middleton **

Majors Advisee
Last Name 
  • Art
  • Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Education
  • History and Political Sciences
  • Languages & Literature
  • Liberal Studies
  • Mass Communications
  • Music
A – C, N, O, W ** Ms. Angela Harper
Email: AHarper [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6183
Office: Library - Room 214F
D - M ** Amy Kellen
AKellen [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6181
Office: Library - Room 214C
P – V, X – Z ** Dr. Carole Kpota-Middleton
CKpota [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6837
Office: Library - Room 214G

** Temporary Change

Wesley College of Health & Behavioral Sciences (WCHBS)

Team Leader: Mrs. D. Michele Rush 

Majors Advisee 
Last Name 


First Year & Sophomore (KN) **

Mr. Kevin Noriega
Phone: 302.857.6188
Location: Library - Room 221B
Kinesiology Junior & Senior (TA) ** Ms. Tiffany Alexander
TAlexander [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7646
Location: Library - Room 214A
Nursing All ** Dr. Danielle Archambault
Email: DArchambault [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6198
Location: Library - Room 221A
Pre-Nursing All ** Ms. Taylor McIntosh
TMcIntosh [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.736.2432
Location: Budd Hall - Room 12
Psychology First Year (DB) ** Ms. Dianne Bogle
Email: DBogle@desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7252
Location: Library - Room 208
Psychology Sophomore (LS) ** Ms. Lynae Spratley
Email: LSpartley [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7349
Location: Library - Room 214J
Psychology Junior & Senior (MP) ** Dr. Marcel Poe
Email: MPoe [at] desu.edu 
Phone: 302.857.7984
Office: Library - Room 214I
Public Health All ** Ms. Brionne Tollie
Email: OSSPeerCoach4 [at] desu.edu
Phone: (302) 736-2304
Location: Budd Hall - Room 14
Social Work |
Connected Degree -
Social Work Georgetown Campus
All ** Ms. Anna Cortese
Email: ACortese [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6387
Location: Library - Room 206A

** Temporary Change

College of Business (COB)

Team Leader: Ms. Tamekca Faria-Frisby 

Majors Advisee
Last Name
  • Accounting 
  • Aviation
  • Finance
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Management
  • Sport Management
A - M ** Tamekca Faria-Frisby | Director
Email: TFaria [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6907
Office: BOA - Room 108G
N - Z ** Jordan Denson
Email: JDenson [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6943
Office: BOA 

** Temporary Change


Transfer Advisor

Majors Advisor/Email Telephone Location
1st Year Transfer Students
Wesley Legacy Students 
Dr. Danielle L. Archambault
Email: DArchambault [at] desu.edu
302.922.0808 Library - Room 221A

Online/Distance Learning Advisors

Majors Advisor/Email Telephone Location
  • Accounting
  • General Managemen
Mrs. Tamekca Faria-Frisby
Email: TFaria [at] desu.edu
302.857.6907 BOA - Room 108G
  • Public Health
  • Social Work 
Ms. Michele Rush
Email: MRush [at] desu.edu
302.736.2302 Budd Hall - Room 16

ACADEMIC services FOR Student-athletes

Sports Advisor/Email Telephone Location
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading 
  • Equestrian 
  • Softball
  • Triathlon
  • Volleyball 
  • Women Lacrosse
Ms. Ahira Smith
Email: ASmith [at] desu.edu
302.857.7974 Library - Room 226
  • Men’s Football 
  • Women’s Basketball

Mr. Kendall Harris
Email:KAHarris [at] desu.edu

302.857.7263 Library - Room 227B

Athletic Certification Specialist

Ms. Letkellae Bickham
Email: KBickham [at] desu.edu

214.399-5566 Virtual/Remote
  • (All) Baseball
  • Cross Country (Men/Women)
  • Track-N-Field (Men/Women)
  • Women’s Golf 
  • Women’s Soccer 
  • Women’s Tennis 
Mr. Timothy Zinzel 
Email: TZinzel [at] desu.edu
302.857.7415 Library - Room 227A

Online success coaches Advisors

Advisor Email Telephone Location
Director of Academic Advising and
Student Success, Online Programs
Ms. Charmaine Whyte
Email: CWhyte [at] desu.edu
302.857.7142 Library - Room 615
School of Graduate, Adult,
and Extended Studies
Kessiah Cunningham, M.ED.
Email: KCunningham [at] desu.edu
302.382.4630 DSU Online
School of Graduate, Adult,
and Extended Studies 
Mikel K. Houston, M.S. 
Email: MKHouston [at] desu.edu
302.632.7685 DSU Online

International Advisors 

Majors Advisor/Email Telephone Location
General Management
ALL other “COB “related - majors 
Mrs. Tamekca Faria-Frisby
Email: TFaria [at] desu.edu
302.857.6907 BOA - Room 108G
Physical and Computational Sciences
3+1 Program 
Amal Juracka
Email: AJuracka [at] desu.edu 
302.857.6509 SCS - Room 216
English Language Institute - ELI
Cultural Enrichment Program
ALL other “CHESS “related- majors 
Dr. Carole Kpota-Middleton
Email: CKpota [at] desu.edu 
302.857.6837 Library - Room 214G
ALL other “CAST” related majors
Excluding 3+1 Program
Dr. Marcel Poe 
Email: MPoe [at] desu.edu
302.857.7984 Library - Room 214I
Social Work
Ms. Michele Rush
Email: MRush [at] desu.edu
302.736.2302 Budd Hall - Room 16