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Student Success Advisors & Staff

Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe - Associate Vice President

Jarso Jallah Saygbe
Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe currently serves as Associate Vice President (AVP) for the division of Student Success at Delaware State University. As the AVP, she provides leadership, planning, guidance and directs the implementation of various student success initiatives that foster inclusive excellence and equitable outcomes for all students, with a strong emphasis on improving retention and graduation outcomes.

Prior to assuming the role of AVP, she served both as Director and Executive Director of Academic Advisement

Hometown: Monrovia, Liberia
Fun Fact: Love cooking and dancing to Afrobeat.
Educational background:

  • Delaware State University - EdD Educational Leadership
  • Rhode Island College - MA Counseling
  • Rhode Island College - BA Sociology
  • Rhode Island College - BA Communications

Contact Info:
Email: JSaygbe [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6072
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 214J

Dr. Cassandra Green - Assistant Vice President

Dr. Cassandra Green
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Fun Fact: At the time of accepting the position as Director of Academic Support Services at DSU years ago, I was being considered for hire at Cheyney University, where I interviewed with the Associate VP of University College, Dr. Robin Williams, (the wife of DSU’s 10th President, Dr. Harry Williams)!
Educational background:

  • Ed.D. 2010 - Educational Leadership (Wilmington University, Dover, DE)
  • M.A. 1985 - Counselor Education (Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA).
  • B.A. - Psychology (Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I was hired as the Director of Academic Support Programs, working in the Division of Academic Enrichment. I brought extensive knowledge and experience in higher education, tweaking and developing student success program models that yield a significant impact on student retention, persistence, and graduation rates.  And I finally got a position at DSU - my first and only HBCU ever!

Contact Info:
Email: CGreen [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6388
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 223B

Administrative Assistant/Budjet Analyst [Vacant]

Role is Currently Vancant

Jeffrey Attakorah - Project Assistant

Jeffrey Attakorah
Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana
Fun Fact: I am a professional freelance guitarist
Educational background:

  • B.A. 2020 - Africana Studies (University of Delaware, Newark, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I went to and worked at the University of Delaware, a PWI and after graduating with a B.A. in African Studies, I wanted to pay some attention to HBCUs and get involved by giving back time and support. Plus, it was a great opportunity to official begin my journey in Higher Education.

Contact Info:
Email: JAttakorah [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7201
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 209

Dr. Marcel Poe - Director of Advisement - CAST

Dr. Marcel Poe

Hometown: Dover, Delaware
Fun Fact: I’m a grill master. I want an English Bulldog.
Educational background:

  • Ph.D. 2011 - Psychology Specialization in Educational Psychology (Capella University, Minneapolis, MN) 
  • M.Ed 1999 - Educational Counseling (Wilmington University, Dover, DE) 
  • B.S. 1998 - Psychology (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? To help shape the lives of students and help them achieve their goals.

Contact Info:
Email: MPoe [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7984
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 214I

Dr. Carole Kpota-Middleton - Director of Advisement - CHESS

Dr. Carole Kpota-Middleton
Hometown: Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa)
Residence: Dover, Delaware
Fun Fact: I used to sing in a choir with some nuns and they all thought that I would be a nun too someday.
Educational background:

  • Ed.D. 2013 - Educational Leadership (Delaware State University, Dover, DE) 
  • M.A. 2004 - English (University of Delaware, Newark, DE) 

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I am a Delaware State University Alumna and I want to give back. Just like, I was helped while matriculating here at Delaware State University, I want to help Delaware State University’s students successfully achieve their academic and professional goals.

Contact Info:
E-mail: CKpota [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6837
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 214G

Tamekca Faria-Frisby - Director of Advisement - COB

Tamekca Faria-Frisby
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Fun Fact: I played softball for 8 years in high school and college
Educational background:

  • M.A. - Educational Leadership (New York University, New York City, NY)
  • B.A. - African American Studies; American Studies - Double Major (Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT )

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? Education and encouraging students are very important to me. I used to be a middle school teacher. I decided to become an academic advisor because I prefer 1-on-1 interaction to 1-on-30 interaction.

Contact Info:
Email: TFaria [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6907
Location: Bank Of America Building - Suite 108

Michelle Rush - Director of Advisement - WCHBS

Michelle Rush - Director of Advisement - WCHBS
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Fun Fact: I swam with a shark
Educational background:

  • M.B.A. - Business (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)
  • B.S. - Marketing (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? To help students throughout their matriculation at DSU. I worked in Admissions for years but only spent months with the students. It was a great chance to be able to assist them until graduation.

Contact Info:
Email:  MRush [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.736.2302
Location: Downtown Campus - Budd Hall Rm 16

Dr. Danielle L. Archambault - Director of Advisement - Transfer Students & DSU Legacy

Dr. Danielle L. Archambault
Hometown: Watertown, New York, USA
Fun Fact: I have a library card for the Library of Congress.
Educational background:

  • Ed.D. 2021 - Higher Education Leadership & Innovation (Wilmington University, Newark, DE)
  • M.A. 2015 - English (West Chester University, West Chester, PA)
  • B.A. 2012 - English (Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I had very inspirational mentors and advisors when I was an undergraduate student. This made a huge impact on my life and career. I appreciate the role advisors can play in a student’s education and hope to provide the same level of expert mentorship I had as an undergraduate student.

Contact Info:
Email:  DArchambault [at] desu.edu
Phone: (Office) 302.857.6198 | (Cell) 302.922.0808
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 221A

Dr. Lee Hawkins - Academic Advisor - CAST

Dr. Lee Hawkins
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Fun Fact: Love dancing
Educational background:

  • Ed.D. - Educational Leadership (Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware) 
  • M.B.A. - Marketing (The Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga.) 
  • B.A. - Accounting (St. Augustine’s University, Raleigh, N.C.)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? This is my way of giving back to help the students at this HBCU.

Contact Info:
Email: LHawkins [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7726
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 214B

Lynae Spratley - Academic Advisor - CAST

Lynae Spratley
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: I love to dance     
Educational background:

  • Ph.D. Candidate 2022 - Educational Leadership (Delaware State University)
  • M.Ed. - 2001 - Educational Counseling (Wilmington University)
  • B.A. - 1997 - Psychology (Eastern University)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? For most of my adult life, I have worked youth and young adults.  I worked as a youth leader, high, school counselor, and now as a college academic advisor.  It has always been my dream and desire to help students to strive for academic success and reach their goals. Also, I have a passion for young adults and care very much about the path they take and what they are able to contribute to society, once they graduate from DSU.  I love it at DSU! This is the place God has placed me to use my gifts and talents for His students!

Contact Info:
Email: LSpratley [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7349
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 214J

Franck Yehiri - Academic Advisor - CAST

Franck Yehiri
Hometown: Abidjan/Cote D’Ivoire
Fun Fact: Play and love soccer
Educational background:

  • M.S. 2011 - Molecular Genetics & Microbiology (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ)
  • B.S. 2007 - Chemistry (Health Professions) - (Delaware State University, Dover, DE

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I decided to become an Academic Advisor at Delaware State University, because I wanted to continue my life’s mission, of serving others, especially the next generation of community and world leaders

Contact Info: 
E-mail: FYehiri [at] desu.edu 
Phone: 302.857.6643
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 214H

Amy E. Kellen - Academic Advisor - CHESS

Amy E. Kellen
Hometown: Bridgeton, New Jersey
Fun Fact: I love to sing in my spare time.
Educational background:

  • M. Ed. 2017- Education (Wesley College, Dover, DE)
  • B.A. 2008 - Liberal Studies (Wesley College, Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I want to make a difference every day in the lives of my advisees. They are my ‘why’ and the reason I do what I do.

Contact Info:
Email:  AKellen [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6181
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 214C

Angela Harper - Academic Advisor - CHESS

Angela Harper  
Hometown: Yeadon, Pennsylvania, USA
Fun Fact: Halloween is my favorite ‘holiday’ and I love horror movies
Educational background:

  • M.S. 2019 - Higher Education Policy and Student Affairs (West Chester University, West Chester, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? My own not-so-pleasant undergraduate experience inspired me to become the kind of authentic and caring academic advisor I needed when I was completing my degree. Delaware State University is close to home, and I could tell from the outside looking in it houses a family-oriented work environment I have longed for. 

Contact Info:
EmailAHarper [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6183
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 214F

Dr. Jordan Denson - Academic Advisor - COB

Dr. Jordan Denson
Hometown: Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA
Fun Fact: I learned how to read and write Mdu Ntr (hieroglyphics) and traveled to Kemet (Egypt) in 2008 as an undergraduate student at Lincoln University (Pennsylvania).
Educational background:

  • Ph.D. 2022 - Africology and African American Studies (Tempe University, Philadelphia, PA) 
  • M.A. 2011 - African American Studies (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) 
  • B.S. 2009 - History (Lincoln University, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I felt my experiences and skills could be an asset to help students reach their educational and life goals.

Contact Info:
EmailJDenson [at] desu.edu
Phone: (302) 875-6943
Location: Bank Of America - Suite 108

Taylor McIntosh - Academic Advisor - WCHBS

Ms. Taylor McIntosh -  Academic Advisor
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Fun Fact: I have a small home fragrance business
Educational background:

  • M.S.W 2020 - (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)
  • B.S.W 2018 - (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? During my undergraduate years, I served in many different positions that were geared toward helping my peers meet and exceed their goals. I found enjoyment in this and now I would like to give back to our students and help guide them to success, as past advisors assisted me when I was a student at DSU.

Contact Info:
Email: TMcIntosh [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.736.2432
Location: Downtown Campus - Budd Hall Rm 12

Lorraine M. Williams - Academic Advisor - WCHBS

Lorraine M. Williams
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Fun Fact: I love the outdoors and I am an adventure seeker
Educational background:

  • M.S. 2021 - Applied Family Science (Wilmington University, New Castle, DE)
  • B.S. 2017 - Organizational Dynamics (Wilmington University, New Castle, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I wanted to work for an HBCU that was forward-thinking and whose core values aligned with my own. I love working with young adults and I was particularly excited to join the Academic Advising team at Delaware State University to assist young scholars in pursuing their educational goals.

Contact Info:
Email: LorraineWilliams [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.736.2304
Location: Downtown Campus - Budd Hall Rm 12

Ahira Smith - Athletic Academic Advisor - ASSA

Ahira Smith
Hometown: Empire State of New York
Fun Fact: Enjoy Listening to various types of music
Educational background:

  • M.Ed 2002 - Education (Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH)
  • B.S. 2000 - Physical Education K-12 (Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY) 
  • National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletes (N4A)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? An opportunity presented itself to help others be successful in their endeavors.

Advisement Areas: Bowling, Cheerleading, Equestrian, Softball, Triathlon, Volleyball, and Women Lacrosse

Contact Info:
Email: AYSmith [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7974 | Fax: 302.857.7538
Location: William C. Jason - Library RM 226

Kendall Harris - Athletic Academic Advisor - ASSA

Kendall Harris
Hometown: Laurel, MD
Fun Fact: I am a Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. member and love competing in recreational sports.
Educational background: 

  • Currently working on my Ed.D in Sport Management from the United States Sports Academy. 
  • M.S 2018 - Sports Administration (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)
  • B.S 2016 - Business Management with a minor in Finance (Delaware State University, Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? Professionally, to continue my career in Higher Education while pursuing teaching classes as an adjunct professor. My long-term career goal is to become an Associate Professor once I am done with my Ed.D. Personally, to be closer to my loved ones and family

Contact Info:
Email: KAHarris [at] desu.edu
Phone: .302.857.6178
Location: William C. Jason - Room 227B

Timothy Zinzel - Athletic Academic Advisor - ASSA

Timothy Zinzel
Hometown: West Grove, PA
Fun Fact: I bought my first house in 2021 (tips on updating are appreciated)
Educational background:

  • MS - Sport Administration (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY)
  • BS - Sports Management (Neumann University, Aston, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? To embrace a new role where I could grow and develop and to be closer to family and friends.

Advisement Areas: (All) Baseball, Cross Country (Men/Women), Track-N-Field (Men/Women), Women’s Golf, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Tennis 

Contact Info:
Email:  TZinzel [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7415
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 227A

Letkellae “Kelley” Bickham - Athletic Certification Specialist/Advisor - ASSA

Letkellae "Kelly" Bickham

Letkellae “Kelley” Bickham earned her BSE in Kinesiology from the University of Arkansas and MS in Sports Administration from Grambling State University.  Having worked in intercollegiate athletics for over 20 years in multiple capacities, Kelley has over 13 years specifically in athletic certification which she truly enjoys. 

In her spare time, Kelley is highly involved in her son Kai’s travel basketball team and her son Kaven’s soccer program. 

Advisement Areas: Men’s Baseball( MBA) (Last names: M - W)

Contact Info:
Email: LBickham [at] desu.edu 
Phone: 214.339.5566
Location: Virtual/Remote

Tiffany Alexander - Coordinator of Student Transition

Tiffany Alexander
Hometown: (North) Philadelphia, PA, USA
Fun Fact: I wholeheartedly believe that Jay-Z is the best hip-hop artist to ever live.
Educational background:

  • Ed.D May 2023 - Educational Leadership and Higher Education (Delaware State University; Dover, DE) 
  • M.S. 2010 - Counseling Higher Education and Student Affairs (West Chester University; West Chester, PA) 
  • B.A. 2006 - Communication Studies (West Chester University; West Chester, PA)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I decided to work at Delaware State University to pursue my passion for assisting underrepresented students with navigating university systems, thriving academically, and graduating college in four years or less. 

Contact Info:
Email: TAlexander [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7646
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 214A

Dianne Bogle - Retention & Academic Intervention Specialist

Dianne Bogle
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Fun Fact: I enjoy kickboxing workouts in my spare time.
Educational background:

  • MSOL 2002 - Organizational Leadership (Wilmington University; New Castle, DE)
  • BSW 1997 - Social Work (Delaware State University; Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I decided to work at DSU to give back to the institution that poured into me.

Contact Info:
Email: DBogle [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.7252
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 208

Gloria Knowles - Retention Programs & Services Coordinator

Gloria Knowles
Hometown: Delaware, USA
Fun Fact: Astute in synergism that builds thought partnerships in a welcoming and authentically diverse environment.
Educational background:

  • MBA - Master of Business Administration (Wilmington University; New Castle, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? To empower the next generation of leaders.

Contact Info:
Email: GKnowles [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6334
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 213

Kevin Noriega - Director of the Opportunity Scholars Program

Kevin Noriega
Hometown: Venezuela
Fun Fact: I love dancing
Educational background:

  • Certified Career Launch Coach, 2022, Career launch enterprise
  • Certified Online Instructor, 2020. Quality Matters  
  • MBA 2014 – Business Management – Delaware State University (Dover, DE)
  • B.S. 2011 – Management – Delaware State University (Dover, DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? Money so that I can bless and help others in need.

Contact Info:
Email: KeNoriega [at] desu.edu
Phone: .302.857.6188
Location: William C Jason Library - Room 221B


Anna Cortese – Director of Integrated Academic Support Services - IASS

Anna Cortese
Hometown: North Bergen, NJ
Fun Fact: I usually have hermit crabs as a pet.
Educational background:

  • M.S. 2003 - Mathematics Education (Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ)
  • B.S. 1993 - Mathematics & Secondary Education (Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? The position for which I applied, SI Coordinator, was the role in which I wanted to continue for my career - the role to provide academic support to students while also providing professional development for SI leaders and tutors.  Also, I feel that I ‘clicked’ with the people (students, staff, faculty) at DSU.

Contact Info:
Email: ACortese [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.857.6387
Location: William C. Jason Library - RM 206


Sonya McCray - Assistant Director of the Writing Studio - IASS

Sonya McCray
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Fun Fact: Good question
Educational background:

  • M.S. 2009 - Secondary Education (Wilmington University; Dover, DE)
  • B.A. 2004 - English (James Madison University; Harrisonburg, VA) 

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I wanted to work at an HBCU with a diverse and dynamic student body.

Contact Info:
EmailSMcCray [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6643
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 207

Justin Blank - Coordinator of Integrated Academic Support Services - IASS

Justin Blank 
Hometown: Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Educational background:

  • M.A 2021 - Higher Education with a focus on Students Affairs (Wilmington University; New Castle, DE)
  • B.A. 2019 - Educational Studies (Wesley College; Dover DE)

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? I decided to work at Delaware State University because of the history that it holds and the support that it shares with the surrounding community. The impact the university creates stretches the entire state of Delaware. I am happy to be a part of, and to build on that history.

Contact Info:
Email: JBlank [at] desu.edu
Phone: 302.736.2571
Location: Downtown Campus - Budd Hall - Lower Level Floor - Rm 03 

Jill McKinney - College Success Specialist

Jill McKinney 
Hometown: Dover, Delaware
Fun Fact: I moved 5 times during my high school years and attended high school in 4 different states.
Educational background:

  • M. Ed. 2007 - Wilmington University, Dover DE

Why did you decide to work here at Delaware State? Delaware State has been a part of my life since I was a child. I was offered an opportunity to teach here and jumped on it.

Contact Info:
EmailJMckinney [at] desu.edu
Phone: (302) 899-8246
Location: William C. Jason Library - Room 301