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Organization & Advisor Resources

The Office of Student Leadership & Activities (OSLA) appreciates your commitment to serve as an advisor to a registered student organization at Delaware State University. The advisor plays an integral role in helping student leaders create an environment within their organizations that is productive, safe, enjoyable, and educational.

To adjust to the changing dynamic of higher education, and to advance a proactive risk management strategy at Delaware State University, the OSLA believes it is important to provide clear guidance and support regarding the expected role you will play as a facilitator advisor. The OSLA is committed to ensuring you have all the resources and development opportunities to enrich the lives of the students you advise as well as your own.

Organization Registration

  • New Student Organization - Completed by Advisor and members of all new student organizations
  • Returning Student Organization - Completed by Advisor and members of all returning student organizations to update status and organization information

Business and Finance

  • Office of Student Leadership and Activity Student Organization Budget Narrative Form - This form should be used to provide a projected budget each year for active student organizations. The form should accompany the NEW ORGANIZATION or RETURNING STUDENT ORGANIZATION forms as a guide to determine expected expenditures for the entire academic year.
  • Purchase Requisition - This form should be filled out for Petty Cash requests, to pay out vendors, request items to purchase or for goods and services.
  • Background on Guidelines for Solicitation - The University also recognizes the importance of raising financial and in-kind support from outside sources to benefit the University, its students, departments, and activities. The Solicitation Agreement form guides the policies and procedures for selling goods or services on campus for the purpose of raising money for student organization programs and activities.
  • Travel Authorization, Per Diem Distribution, and Student Travel Release Form - These form should be filled out to request to travel for official school business, (i.e. conferences, events off campus that require transportation, meals and hotel accommodations). Please feel free to contact the OSLA for clarification on what event would require this form osla [at] desu.edu.


Student organizations at Delaware State University must establish strategic and systematic plans and processes to evaluate the viability of their programs, activities, and events.  Policies and procedures outline the internal and external accountability expectations with regard to student learning and guide how the organization can determine learning outcomes.  The STUDENT ORGANIZATION MONTHLY ASSESSMENT REPORT allows you to highlight how your club or organization is meeting the goals of your learning outcomes.  Please complete the form and submit it to OSLA monthly by the end of the month or during Student Leadership Institute. Questions may be directed to osla [at] desu.edu or 302.857.6392.


Whether subtle or overt, behaviors demonstrated by student leaders are instrumental in conveying values, guiding strategy, and inspiring passion and interest in other students. When practiced, the effect is far more powerful than merely putting on a program or party. Actions consistently tell the story not only of who you are, but of the behaviors you value.

Student Leadership Institute provides workshops and leadership sessions for students to learn strategies and practices that are honorable and can be easily adopted by all student groups. Students explore methods of leadership development, learn how accountability is needed, and is a core competency to developing them individually and corporately as a leader and a professional. Students learn to make proficient use of campus resources while adhering to safety and risk management policies and procedures with a focus on the well-being of campus and community constituents. Student Leadership Institute sessions complement the goals and objectives of DSU’s five core values, and systematically move students from paraprofessional behaviors to strategic leadership behaviors conducive of producing a preferred future.

If you have any questions regarding attendance or general questions about the workshops, please contact the OSLA team at osla [at] desu.edu or 302.857.6390.

Flyer Approval Policy

Flyers from registered student organizations that fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of Student Leadership and Activities must be submitted for approval prior to posting on campus.

  • Flyers can be dropped off between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or emailed to osla [at] desu.edu.
  • Flyers will be approved within two business days or 48 hours from when they are submitted for approval.
  • Flyers must be approved by the student organizations’ advisor prior to requesting approval from OSLA.
  • Off-campus advertisements that are not affiliated with the University will not be approved.
  • Advertisements for off-campus parties will not be approved.
  • Any flyer with an image or writing that makes an inappropriate reference to alcohol or drugs will not be approved.
  • Flyers should use inclusive language and demonstrate respect for all individuals.
  • Please make copies of flyers AFTER approval.
  • The student organization must remove all posters the day after the event is held.
  • All flyers must include contact information that has as a minimum a campus e-mail address and campus phone number.

Steps for Flyer Approval

  1. Complete reservation in Event Management System in myDESU
  2. Receive approval e-mail from Event Manager Administrator
  3. Craft flyer and receive approval from Advisor
  4. After Advisor approves, send Event Management approval email with flyer attached to OSLA for review (cc: advisor)
  5. After OSLA Approval, Advisor and student organization treasurer sign “Copy Slip” from Copy Center; bring it to OSLA for signature
  6. Take signed copy slip to copy center to make flyers
  7. Bring flyers to OSLA to stamp APPROVED on each individual flyer
  8. Remove flyers after your event

Review the Student Organization and Advisors Handbook for more information on posting flyers.