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University Billing

Student Accounts is the centralized billing and collection point for student payments. Tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and dining for the fall session are billed in July, winter session and spring session in December and summer session in May.

Payment Due dates

  • Winter 2022 bill date is November 22, 2022, due date of December 2, 2022
  • Spring 2023 bill date is November 22, 2022, due date of January 6, 2023

Your university bill must be paid by the due date provided above, regardless of delays, reductions, or cancellation of financial aid. Information regarding payment options is available through the office of Student Accounts and can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

Students who do not pay the balance by the due date may be assessed a late payment fee and have a financial hold placed on their record, which will restrict University services, such as future semester registration, viewing of grades and receipt of university credentials (Diploma, Transcript, Certificates etc.).

See FAQs

For students who register after the University billing date, the due date will be 3 business days from the date of registration for payment to be received.

Payment Plans

Payment plan enrollment fees:

  • Fall $35.00
  • Spring $35.00
  • Summer $35.00

Spring Nelnet payment plans open on November 23, 2022.  You will have an opportunity to enroll in a 5, 4, or 3 month payment plan that will extend from December 15 to April 15, 2023.


Currently registered students will receive bill notifications to your official Delaware State University e-mail account, and bills are also available to be viewed in your myDESU Self Service.


To avoid a hold, a student must either pay his or her bill in full online by the billing due date for the semester or sign up for a Nelnet payment plan. View and sign up for a Nelnet payment plan by selecting Payment Plans on the Tuition & Fees page.


The Office of Student Accounts will apply money to your Book Voucher account if you have a pending semester credit from your financial aid.  Book Vouchers from a pending financial aid credit can be applied to your Book Voucher account 10 days prior to the start of the semester. The minimum amount for requests is $500.00 and any unused portion will remain on the voucher account until you graduate. Book Voucher requests should be submitted by email to studentaccounts [at] desu.edu.

Please visit the Office of Student Accounts on the First Floor of the Claibourne D. Smith Administration Building, email us at studentaccounts [at] desu.edu  or call 302.857.6240 if you need assistance or have questions about your bill. You can also set up a virtual meeting through our Bookings site.


What will happen if I have an outstanding balance on my account?

A student account with an outstanding balance will be placed on hold, not allowing a student to register for the next enrollment term.

Will I be permitted to stay in my classes if I have already begun taking courses?

Yes, a hold on a student account will not remove a student from the current course schedule.

How will this affect my housing and meal plan?

A hold on a student account will not affect housing or a student meal plan for the current term. Once a hold is added to the account, it will affect housing for the next enrollment term.

Will I be able to register for additional classes?

No, a hold on a student account will prevent a student from making changes to the current course schedule as well as from registering for future classes until the balance has been satisfied.